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Royal Jelly: natural ingredient of Zetastop

Naturdieta researchers have re-evaluated and developed a food such as royal jelly, which after a period of widespread use was as forgotten by insiders, perhaps due to so its high cost. The most important constituents of royal jelly in the formulation of Zetastop are:

  • Proteins: No food used in human nutrition has a high content of proteins such as royal jelly. The distribution of amino acids is identical to that which is present in the pollen of plants of different species
  • Lipids: the importance of lipids has established itself from the research of Townsend and Lucas, showing that the suministración of lipids royal jelly to the Drosiphila increases the mass of the eggs and give rise to sexually mature insects
  • Carbohydrates: consist mainly dextrose and fructose, sugars directly assimilable that accumulate as glycogen to be converted again into sugar when needs thermal and energetic so require
  • Factors cholinergic: are present in quantities much higher than that contained in all the other substances of animal origin; in greater quantities acetylcholine, synthesized from acetyl coenzyme A, from acetic acid and choline. The importance of these factors is significant in relation to cholinergic action of royal jelly on the coronary circulation
  • Vitamins: the presence of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and inositol, explains in part the action of royal jelly on fertility, the rejuvenation, the capillary resistance on teeth, the hyper colisterimia.
    Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is present in significant quantities, demonstrates the beneficial action of royal jelly on body development and that of Vitamin B6 justifies its beneficial action on the skin factors
  • Biotin: although in smaller amounts, it is useful in some forms of diseases of nutrition, while vitamin B12 explains the hematopoietic action of royal jelly.

More important for the very high concentration are vitamin PP or nicotinic acid and pantothenic acid, the latter present in such high concentrations which are not found in any other natural substance.
The nicotinic acid, as is known, is useful in the forms toxic intestinal and cutaneous, as well as in some nervous and mental diseases.

Pantothenic acid is essential for the cell physiology, being active in the development of repair processes and as a component of coenzyme A, of the processes of acetylation, as well as the basal metabolism of the organs in the fundamental nucleus sterolic.

The use of royal jelly of Zetastop is particularly suitable for children and the elderly. As for the adults, are especially the debilitated people who work too much, the weakened, the neurasthenic, who can appreciate the beneficial effects.
Individuals sensitive to the action of royal jelly of Zetastop, experience a sensation that recalls much general stimulant that caused by amphetamine sensation of a greater possibility of action physical and intellectual, greater resistance to fatigue due to lack of sleep, euphoric feeling and greater self-confidence.