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Ginkgo Biloba: natural ingredient of Zetastop

The dry extract of the leaves of ginkgo biloba is widely used in humans, especially in old age. The leaves of ginkgo in fact include a variety of substances including flavonoids and terpenoids.

The use of this extract primarily concerns issues relating insufficiency cerebral such as memory loss or deconcentration dizziness or ringing in the ears associated with vascular disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Quercetin, which is the metabolic requirement of the flavonoid fraction, indicated a valent antinflogistica activity due to direct inhibition of several initial causes of inflammation. Restricts, for example, both the production and the release of histamine and other allergic-inflammatory factors.
Quercetin is also an important inhibitor of aldose reductase, the enzyme responsible for the modification of glucose to sorbitol, glucide specifically implicated in the onset of diabetic complications.

Numerous studies in vitro and in vivo experiments concern the efficacy of the extract of Ginkgo biloba in respect of diseases secondary to vascular insufficiency both at cerebral level or peripherical.
It was also manifested conservative action against damage from cerebral hypoxia.

Flavonoids are also characterized by a significant antioxidant activity that contrasts effectively the production of free radicals. The ginkgolides, and in particular the gingkgolide B, are known opponents of PAF (Platelet Aggregatiion Factor) which is an energetic activator of platelet aggregation, degranulation of neutrophils and of the production of oxygen radicals. It was revealed that flavonoids can stimulate in man a distinct decrease in cholesterolemia, serum triglycerides and plasma levels of beta-lipoproteins.