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Wonderup: frequently asked questions

In this section we list those that have been the questions (and answers) frequently received about Wonderup. If you wish to make new ones, please contact us at Thanks for your cooperation.

How does Wonderup? The natural ingredients of Wonderup have been traditionally used for beauty and breast enhancement in many cultures and to stimulate milk production in pregnant women. Their effect on breast development is due to high levels of phytoestrogens contained in them. Phytoestrogens are vegetable substances similar in structure to human hormones but weaker and make the good estrogen receptors available to the cells in the mammary glands of the breast, thus promoting its natural growth process (mammogenesis) and adding volume and fullness to the bust.

Since the receptor cells in the breast naturally attract estrogen into the body, supplying the body with good estrogen from plants stops the reception of bad estrogen from chemicals. It thus protects the breast tissue and it promotes the growth of healthy tissue, which is further protected by the antioxidant agents contained in the natural product for breast enhancement “Wonderup”.

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Is it safe? Yes and no side effect was found. The herbs in Wonderup were used effectively and extensively for centuries for their nutritional and therapeutic virtues. Wonderup contains no synthetic additives, artificial colorings or preservatives. It contains no products of animal origin and does not contain OGM but only herbs and natural foods selected from organic cultivation. Have not been used genetically modified plants or transgenic foods. The soybeans used in the product is natural soy grown and harvested in the traditional manner.

It is approved by the Ministry of Health? Wonderup, like all products in the line Naturdieta is approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.
Wonderup is not a drug. It is a natural food. It is a herbal preparation, the herbal commonly used and are considered totally secure by monitoring organizations around the world. The herbs also have vitamin and mineral properties, but the product has been studied mainly for its beneficial properties on the general body with localized effects on the breast.

Wonderup: frequently asked questions

Contains estrogen? Absolutely not! The herbs in the formula does not contain estrogen or other hormones. Rather contain the so called “phytoestrogens”, that does not are hormones themselves (have you ever know stories about plants with hormones?) But rather herbal substances with similar structure to human hormones.

Wonderup is not a drug. It is a natural product. It is a herbal preparation, based on herbs commonly used and regarded as entirely safe by the approval bodies around the world. The herbs also have vitamin and mineral properties, but the product is designed primarily for its healing properties on the body with overall localized effects on the breast.

Works on all the women? The individual results can be vary and we can not guarantee equal results for all but Wonderup was effective for the majority (over 75%) of women who have used it regularly for at least three months.

Many women who have not had immediate results and growth have also been firming later, insisting beyond the first month. And above all, is very important to assume the product regularly, and before eating with water. This is the only recommendation for correct absorption of the herbs and for their better functioning.

what age can you take this natural product indicated for the beauty and the breast care? Wonderup can be used by women of all ages, from 18 years upwards, who wish to rejuvenate her breasts. It is a totally natural and safe product that also helps in alleviating the symptoms of PMS and menopause; it contains natural substances that contribute to the general welfare through their effect of inhibition of free radicals.

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How long does it take before to see results? Since the body of every woman, the health condition and metabolism are unique, based on herbs remedies, like all supplements, work individually. Most women have seen the first results in about 4 weeks and many immediately begin to notice a slight tingling in your breasts, and a firming since the early days of use - signs that the herbs are beginning to take action locally. But these sensations are entirely individual, and the results may vary - some women do not feel any tingling and initial results obtained, however, later, more or less gradually. It is recommended to consider Wonderup as a program of 90 days (3 months).

Wonderup: frequently asked questions

Increase the beauty and the breast size? The differences in metabolism and in body chemistry can influence the speed and efficiency of action of the herbs. Let us remember that the product is NOT a drug but a natural supplement and therefore much depends on how our body is able to assimilate in a positive manner the various specifications of the herbs contained in it! Despite all however a significant increase in the beauty of the breast occurs in almost all cases (more to 75%). Wonderup is an excellent help to tone sagging breasts caused by pregnancy or menopause.

And women with already ample breasts, they will see improvements on the firmness with Wonderup? Many women with abundant sizes have found a firming and a more tonic breasts with Wonderup, which acquires a more rounded and youthful shape.
In fact, assuming Wonderup, wrinkled and sagging breasts tend to fill up and tone up, acquiring a more youthful appea-
rance and healthy. In these cases, breast size remains stable or increases only slightly, but it has mainly a firming, toning and uplifting effect, which is a pleasant surprise for those who already have abundant sizes.

How long will assume Wonderup natural product for the beauty and the tonicity of the breast? We must assume forever? Once obtained the optimal results, usually in about 90 days, you should continue with a minimum program of maintenance of only 2 tablets a day, to keep the results obtained. A maintenance period of 3 months is usually more than adequate.
After the initial treatment of three months, continue with 2 tablets a day until the end of the fourth bottle. In addition, supplement your diet daily with beneficial properties of natural ingredients of Wonderup also contributes to the general welfare and maintains the natural hormonal balance.

Side effects and contraindications using Wonderup, the natural product for the beauty and the tonicity of the breast? There are no known side effects or contraindications to the use of the natural product Wonderup. It is a formula composed of herbs selected and calibrated and used for centuries in herbal medicine.
There is a particular alleviation of PMS and menopause symptoms. Many women also report a significant improvement in health and strength of nails, skin and hairs. Wonderup acts regulating the body’s natural production of hormones and many of its ingredients have antioxidant action (ie to help fight free radical damage tissues) in addition to specific healing properties, thus contributing to the general welfare.

Wonderup: frequently asked questions

The herbs in the product Wonderup natural beauty and the firmness of the breast do gain weight? No, the herbs contained in Wonderup not cause any increase or decrease in weight. Many of the herbs in the formula have detoxifying and cleansing properties and therefore may be useful in weight loss diets. The diuretic action of some of the formula ingredients stimulates the elimination of toxins. None of the ingredients have laxative effect and then do not cause interference of any kind.

Guaranteed equal results for all women? No, because to promise results infallible in 100% of cases for all women would simply be misleading. No herb can have the same effect on everyone and even medicines. We do not know what your individual expectations, differences in metabolism, genetics and personal habits that can influence the action of the herbs. The vast majority of those who used Wonderup for at least a month and possibly for the recommended 90 days has seen net results, albeit in different ways (increases from 1 cm to 4 cm). The total percentage of success among the women who have tried is superior to 75%.

We guarantee 100% quality and purity of the herbs. The ingredients carefully selected for Wonderup come all from organic crops and are cold worked to maintain unaltered the nutritional and beneficial properties. Our herbs come from guaranteed suppliers from which they also serve leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine, and this is a further guarantee of safety. Both our suppliers that our laboratories are completely compliant with the European laws on food and herbal medicines.
The form in tablets is preferable to the capsules because it allows to avoid the use of gelatins animal and synthetic products.