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Breast enhancement in a natural way

“Wonderup is a only natural herbal supplement containing a variety of herbs known to promote breast firmness and contribute to its increase. This treatment to increase the breast has already made thousands of satisfied women around the world, helping them to refine the look of their body in a safe, natural and durable”.

From which herb is composed Wonderup?

Wonderup is a natural product composed of a mixture of herbs from organic cultivation. There is no are chemicals in this natural product. It acts on your body easily and naturally. Contains only selected ingredients and high quality as: soy, hops, alfalfa, fennel, carrot, pollen, greek hay, wild rose, ginkgo, ginseng, barley, milk thistle, verbena, galega.

These natural ingredients are used traditionally by many cultures in the cure and beauty of the breast, and to stimulate milk production in pregnant women. Their effect on the development of the breast is given by the high levels of natural ingredients contained in them.

With Wonderup give a gift not only for your beauty but also to your health: try it now! Between 4 weeks you will see the first results (percentage of research on customer satisfacti-
on: more than 80% of customers satisfied). And you’ll feel even in better shape!

Wonderup contains a significant amount of Bioflavonoids (phytoestrogens) called Flavolignans, which include mainly the Sibilina together with the Isosibilina, Deidrosibilina, silidianin, silicristin.

An underdeveloped breast is in fact a symptom of a lack of estrogen during puberty, the lack of which can be remedied by re-establishing the correct level by the action of gentle and safe phytoestrogens, which nourish the female breasts making restore volume and tone.