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Against the menopause naturally

Researchers at Naturdieta after years of research and experience with breast Wonderup tablets formulated WonderOver liquid that is already regarded as the best supplement and support essential to every woman to begin the period of menopause, even in the absence of symptoms.

WonderOver is proposed, with herbal medicine, to get the same analgesic actions, veno-tonic and modulating estrogen receptor without causing any failure to the body and psyche of Women.

WonderOver is the original nutraceutic support essential to every woman during menopause in order to promote hormonal balance and to help the body in the complex function to coordinate the change in evolution.
The natural compound has been developed with the aim to assist all women to position themselves so agreeable to the hormonal changes that will inevitably encounter in the years of menopause.

The validating compounds contained in WonderOver are provided to operate in the first instance or in an indirect way on unstable hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, LH and FSH, regulating abnormal developments that usually are found and are highlighted in persistence of menopause.

At the time of mutation, with the phases that become more way without ovulati-
on estrogen may be present in excess in respect of progesterone leading to a hormonal instability that spreads with characteristic symptoms.
In post-menopausal and then with hormonal quotas much less consistent the woman’s body has, in contrast, particular need to facilitate in a pleasant way the efficiency of tissues and organs.

WonderOver is appropriate to the body of any woman, reinvigorating the possibility of response to fatigue and helping the efficiency of the whole body, contributing to alleviate the signs of menopause from any cause they derive, providing widespread affluence. With this criterion, the woman can feel the change that is occurring about her more gradually and quiet.

The WonderOver formula has been studied with particular attention, favoring the use of essences that, in addition to being rich in substances with identified characteristics useful to the re-equilibration hormonal keep the quality of the herbs intactby procuring intact the nutrients in order to provide a synergic action and particularly significant.

Try WonderOver the natural supplement that takes care of Women and not only of their negative symptoms during menopause; it is completely natural, has no contraindications and is beneficial to the whole body.