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Hawthorn: natural ingredient of WonderOver

Equipped with sedative properties, the Hops (Humulus lupulus L.) is nearly always used for problems related to menopause. The functionality of estrogen appears to be due to the synergy of the different constituents of the female inflorescence.

Other features of the hops

The hop is a common plant that is grown in Europe in the producing regions of beer because it is the base of the bitter aromatization of this drink. Although this plant has not been widely used in ancient times for its therapeutic virtues, it is mentioned as the twelfth century “remedy of melancholia” for its aperitif, depurative, laxative and vermifuge properties, as was specified the veracity of some activities traditionally assigned to it, particularly the actions sedative and relaxing.

These functions are amply justified considering the amino acid content and the nature of hormone-like substances, as a result of the content of the essential oil and phyto-hormonal substances, hops is effective on hair growth by stimulating the metabolic functions of the superficial tissues of the scalp.

The main components of the hops are a resin and a volatile oil. In the resin is present umolone, umolinone, adumolone and preumolone, while in the essential oil are B-myrcene, dipentene, Alfacariofilene, Farnesene, sesquiterpene Acrylic, sesquiterpene alcohol, ether Folic, Formaldehyde, Metilnonilchetone, Free and esterified acids. Also were identified flavonoids and anthocyanins, proteins, starches, carbohydrates, fitosterine, cetyl alcohol, para-amino-benzoic acid and phytoestrogens.

Hops are most commonly used for its calming effect on the nervous system. The hop is an excellent sedative (used to improve sleep) and in cough syrups. The dried flowers can be sewn into a pillow to help insomnia. It is also worth remembering that:

  • The infusion of hops is recommended for nervous diarrhea
  • insomnia and agitation. Body wraps of hops are used for abscesses, burns, cancer and pain
  • The honey with hops is excellent for bronchitis.