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In this section we listed those that so far have been the questions (and answers) more frequent received on the product Winsmoke. If you wish to make new ones we invite you to contact us Thanks for your cooperation.

Winsmoke is a natural nutraceutical device manufactured with selected foods that allow you to abandon forever the smoking habit. This anti-tobacco treatment made satisfied thousands of people around the world, assisting in the improvement of their state of physical and mental health after the final separation from the nicotine addiction and natural and lasting way.

What is Winsmoke?

Winsmoke is a dietary supplement Notified regularly to the Ministry of Health specifically studied by the researchers "Naturdieta" to counter the symptoms of tobacco-dependence and the urge to smoke, improving the tone of humor and regenerating cellular biochemistry.
Winsmoke belongs to the category of natural supplements made from officinal herbs. Winsmoke is not a synthetic product and does not contain any chemical substance or additive.
Were not encountered side effects in in good health individuals. The intake of Winsmoke is a safe choice. Winsmoke is scientifically tested and manufactured in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, as it has been duly notified to the competent authorities. Winsmoke is not a drug. Not addictive.
What are the major benefits that are found taking Winsmoke?
The anti-tobacco tablets Winsmoke formula are only a natural herbal supplement that includes a variety of known herbs that have intrinsic properties that determine the contribution to our physical of a vitamin complex favoring resolutive separation from cigarette smoke. Also favor a peaceful sleep and invigorating and strengthen the nervous system.
The herbs enclosed in Winsmoke formulation are nervine and soothing and are recommended as support for those periods of stress and nervous anxiety that can develop even at a subconscious level when trying to eliminate smoking. This formulation provides multiple solely natural components that help the cleaning and purification of our body from nicotine and other toxins.
The natural composition of Winsmoke limits the property of nicotine and acts on nicotine receptors deceiving them as if they were receiving the substance but this is not, and also
It keeps calm and relaxed during the descending phase of nicotine.
The formulation of herbs of Winsmoke contains ingredients that act as natural substitutes for nicotine and therefore satisfy the body that still longs to this substance, but without getting all the adverse side effects of the products that contain the real nicotine.
The craving to smoke that usually will assailed will weaken gradually because your body will be decontaminated from toxins. Already after 48 hours, your body will register a lower level of nicotine.
What are the ingredients of Winsmoke?
Winsmoke is a supplement that you can use without having to enlist the help of a doctor and can be purchased without a prescription but must be used correctly to ensure its effectiveness. For more information or advice please send an email to For the composition visit the section dedicated to the components of Winsmoke.
How to use this supplement? And in what quantity?
We recommend taking 2 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 mid-afternoon with half a glass of water. The continuation of the assumption of the product after the recommended amount has no contraindications.
What to do if you miss one or more doses?
Continue the "cure" as recommended dosage.
There are effects due to treatment discontinuation?
No effect.
Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the product that relates to the product unopened and properly stored
(Shelf life 3 years from the date of packaging). Keep the bottle closed and possibly protected from sources of heat and humidity.
How is it?
Winsmoke is a natural plant supplement that is in the form of tablets. The content of each pack is of 100 tablets. Net weight 50 g.
What are the reaction times of Winsmoke?
Phyto dynamic: Winsmoke is absorbed within 15-20 minutes. The plasma half-life is approximately 5 hours, with renal elimination, regular and free of unchanged metabolites.
Are there any contraindications with taking birth control pills?
There is no type of contraindication between the two products and then you can safely assume any type of birth control pill. In no case will prevent Kalospeed its smooth operation.
How many tablets are in a pack of Winsmoke?
In each package of Winsmoke there are 100 (one hundred) tablets for 50 grams of total product weight.
What an expiration time has Winsmoke?
The expiry date is printed on the package and is equal to 3 (three) years from date of manufacture.
How is the quality control of your products?
External feedback on the studies, toxicology and health laboratories shall be carried by the relevant departments in compliance with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health, also outside laboratories are responsible for checking the quality.
We recall that Article. 8 of the EEC Directive 65/65 EEC specifies that "For the notification of biomedicine such as supplements, is due to deliver the drug toxicological test results and conclusions of clinical trials if, by means of detailed references to published scientific literature, it is verifiable that the components are of traditional use with recognized efficacy and with an acceptable degree of safety of use ".
The criteria considered by Wonderup S.a.g.l.
- Naturdieta in plant selection and in the wording of its products are:
Absence of bacterial load
Absence of heavy metals
Absence of aflatoxins
Without pesticides and chemical preservatives
Quantitative verification of the active ingredients
Examination on the interactions
The absence of radioactivity
Control over structural resistance
How they are made your supplements?
Specific details of the remedies that we have devised are:
The functional effectiveness and confirmed
The modularity of the assimilation of internal essences to the formulation
The synergistic release of the different components
The synergistic activities between the different plants formulated
The non-toxicity
The privileged use of dry extract standardized
What guarantees are provided to me?

We are so confident in the quality of Winsmoke and results that you can get that we can give the money back guarantee. Give you the opportunity to try the product for a period of reimbursing the money spent if you are not satisfied with the achieved results. No one can offer more..