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The pharmacological effect, essentially due to zingerone and at the zingeribene, is evident in stimulating the digestive functions. Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) is used as a carminative and corrective.More recently have been studied the radical properties of the plant but it is not yet possible to attribute such action to a well-identified active ingredients fraction.
In ginger are present, in fact, poliosis, orotate substances, resins, mucilage, pectin, malic acid and oxalic acid and a different alkaloid: the gone. The anti-free radical properties open up new application fields and this is reflected in the modern pharmacology.
Oxidative stress is lower in those smokers who take polyphenol rich nutrients that are nothing if not other natural antioxidants that often work in synergy with vitamin C. It is rich in whole grains, legumes and various spices such as turmeric, curry, ginger, chili, pepper, thyme, rosemary
Ginger root is used both in gastronomic and therapeutic purposes for its evident ability to intervene in irritation of the gastroenteric tract. The trustworthiness of many of its popular medicinal purposes has been proven especially against motion sickness (sea sickness and car) and in various ways to the signals related to nausea and vomiting as daze (though not to be used during pregnancy).
In phytotherapy is proposed for the defense against colds and flu and for those who are afflicted with hypercholesterolemia. Scholars of the Department of Internal Medicine, in collaboration with the Taiwan National Yang-Ming University, have documented that ginger reduces the nausea caused by motion sickness (car sickness, seasickness ...) blocking the increase in gastric dysrhythmia and the increase in the blood of vasopressin.
The ginger plant (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) belongs to the category of the Zingiberaceae. Ginger rhizome is used for medicinal purposes since it is particularly equipped with essential oils (sesquiterpenes and alcohols), and of a multiplicity of compounds of phenolic origin forming part of the class of gingerols and shogaoli, responsible for both of the aroma that very penetrating flavor and also the biological characteristics.To try to understand the complexity of this medicinal plant, one must realize that in ginger have been found at least three hundred different chemical elements.
Ginger facilitates normal movements of contraction of the stomach and of the intestines by fostering antinauseant and anti-vomiting effect  conceivably for interaction on Central Nervous System of the dopamine and serotonin receptors. After being assimilated, the Ginger active ingredients show a good anti-inflammatory activity and for this reason plant extracts have recently been also used in compounds with anti-rheumatic activity. It is also known the prophylactic effect on the gastric mucosa.