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The dog rose (Rosa Canina L.) is rich in natural Vitamin C also known with the name of ascorbic acid. It can not be directly synthesized by humans, unlike how happens for the other animals.
It has the ability to fight any kind of infection and is an excellent antioxidant. Increases the chances of iron absorption, controls the level of cholesterol in the blood and activates the Vitamin B9 (folic acid).
Older people have a great need for Vitamin C because it prevents cross-linking (progressive hardening). Smokers should know that they consume 25 mg. for each cigarette. Nutritionists have calculated that taking vitamin C every day helps smokers to reduce the loss of vitamin E induced by smoking.
The study, concluded the experts, is one of the first to show on man the crucial interactions between different vitamins and is the umpteenth work that needs to raise the alarm on the negative effects of cigarettes on health. Vitamin C maintains high the presence of vitamin E in the blood. These two vitamins hold a task of fundamental importance.
The integration of nutrition with vitamin C can promote the reduction of the high degree of demolition of vitamin E in smokers. This is what is highlighted in a recent study disclosed on a scientific journal (Free Radic Biol Med 2006; 40: 689-97). In the body of smokers (and in that of all the people living or doing work in a contaminated habitat), oxidative events are active to a considerable extent. If the supply of vitamin C is insufficient, vitamin E works with non-ideal conditions and is weakened rapidly.
The presence of proportionate amounts of vitamin C allows vitamin E to defend more vigorously the body. Vitamin C has a unique role in maintaining the good condition of the body and the preservation of serious diseases such as atherosclerosis and-malignancies.Vitamin C is anti-haemorrhagic and facilitates the elimination of cholesterol from the body. It stimulates the immune system functions and cancels several carcinogenic compounds that are absorbed by the body with nutrients.

Helps the composition of bones and teeth, speeds up the healing of injuries, prevents the formation of pressure soresdecreases the harmfulness of alcohol and metal pollutants, counteracts the effects of cigarette smoke damage and makes operational the assimilation enteric iron.

Vitamin C is essential for the composition of collagen which keeps the skin young and slows down the formation of wrinkles. Vitamin C, finally, cooperates with vitamin E to the neutralization of free radicals. Vitamin C is also contained in fresh vegetables like peppers, the parsley, cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, citrus fruits and all kinds of fruit.