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Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has peculiarities healing, astringent, hemostatic, diuretic and mineralizing; the latter are significant for bone, cartilage, nails and hair.
It is used as a diuretic in viral and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. is also employed in the case of post-traumatic swelling and static.
Its mineralizing properties is given by its high content of silicon, which would have a primary function in facilitating bone calcification especially in the first moments of its composition and would help the formation of the bone callus consequential to fractures.
It is thought to be endowed with a preventive effect on atherosclerosis as the silicon
It is a maker of safeguarding the integrity of the arteries.
The connective tissue is stimulated by silicon and other minerals that are too appropriate to facilitate the reconstruction of the cartilage during joint diseases.
Horsetail also dispenses activity on the elasticity of tendons and vascular walls constituting an excellent product for athletes.
The Equisetum arvense includes flavonoids, saponosidi (equisetonine), alkaloids (nicotine) and in higher amounts of silicates (silicon,
that presents itself structurally like silica) and the latter component that gives the plant the ability to intervene in the process of calcification of the bones because silicon has a key role in facilitating the deposit of calcium.
The tree also has diuretic capacity due to flavonoids (isoquercetin, kaemferol) which have an effective diuretic action that is assisted by mineral ions.
Horsetail also has hemostatic action which is consequential to the same ability to put into action the coagulation systemfibrin-plastic.
Among the main constituents of the plant remember the Silicic acid and the 'Equisetonine, some organic acids, resins, Chloride Aluminium and Potassium. It is certain the stimulation of hematopoiesis (formation of red blood cells).