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Goldenrod: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Men

Suitable for: used in the therapy of inflammatory states and for the stimulation of diuresis, exerts a wide action on the excretory system and liver

The botanical name comes from the Latin “Solidago” which means “to strengthen” and alludes to the healing properties of the plant, the main reason for his fame in antiquity; today it is more leveraged its tropism for the kidneys and urinary tract.

The plant complex contained in the flowering tops of this plant, mainly composed of catechin , tannins, saponins triteperniche and anthocyanins, shows a diuretic effect of major importance.

The increase of diuresis may be of 280-400%, allowing the body to expel waste many. The goldenrod is a great diuretic “volumetric”, “azoturico” and “uricosuric”, increasing not only the volume of urine but also the removal of nitrogen and uric acid, the most important to eliminate waste and mostly derived from the metabolism of proteins.

Precisely for this reason it can be considered a good depurative of the blood. At the same time the plant carries an interesting anti-inflammatory action and also mildly antisep-
tic and antispasmodic.
It is in fact valuable in the urinary tract inflammations both acute and chronic, in the prevention of urinary calculi, rheumatism, especially if accompanied by edema.

One factor to consider is that the goldenrod is, in any case, well tolerated and does not cause any side effects or unwanted effects such as the excessive elimination of potassium.
Its name comes from the Latin verb “solidare”, which means strengthening, while the specific term virgaurea is related to the bright yellow color of the inflorescence.

In Germany, the known Commission E gave a positive opinion on the use of gold bullion in the treatment of inflammatory conditions and for the stimulation of diuresis.

The importance of the drug is due to the considerable amount of flavonoids. Solidago virgaurea holds substantial diuretic and astringent properties and carries out a wide action on the excretory system and liver.
Returns clarity to the urine filled with the sediment of the decontamination and reduces prostatic hypertrophy and facilitates the elimination of uric acid.