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Centinodia: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Men

Suitable for: reduces capillary fragility and reduces capillary permeability, slows the breakdown of adrenaline

It is well known that it is a powerful sexual tonic, if consumed regularly and to increase sperm production in men and fertility in women.
The centinodia is a blood tonic very famous in China: It is argued that purifies the blood and increases the energy, in addition to nourish hair and teeth.

In Chinese, in fact, the name of this plant tonic literally means “Mr. Ho’s hair blacks”, because of its ability to rejuvenate and stay young. Contains tannins that are responsible of its tonic activity, astringent and hemostatic. Contains silica and hence its remineralizing action and also various flavonoids as Avicularina and Kampferitrina.

In traditional Chinese medicine the use of this plant began in the fourth century after Christ. According to traditional Chinese medicine the centinodia exercises its powers of purification on the meridian of the liver and kidneys, for anticipated graying, against impotence, premature aging.
In herbal medicine, the use is essentially detoxifying, in the treatment of abscesses, boils and treatment of hyperlipide-