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Birch: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Men

Suitable for: has antiseptic, healing, purifying and diuretic properties

Birch is a large tree with white bark and smooth. The leaves are triangular and hairless, which are used in herbal medicine. They contain flavonoids, especially the hyperoside, with diuretic and depurative properties.
Already in the Middle Ages, water birch was well known for the property to dissolve kidney stones, and it is precisely for this reason that was proclaimed “the renal plant in Europe”.

The leaves of the birch are considered an outstanding non-irritating diuretic, an excellent depurative and efficient anti-rheumatic especially in the case of rheumatism with metabolic origin, such as gout (in association with Devil’s claw).
Everyone should try it at least once a year, a cure based on Birch: removes chlorides, uric acid and prevents the formation of urinary calculi.

The leaves of the birch contain several active substances belonging to the group of flavonoids, that are considered to support the physiological properties of the water balance in the body.

The use of birch at the popular level is largely due to high cholesterol as a depurative and diuretic properties. Some sources indicate the birch as an aid memory and concentration and is one of the most popular uses modern.