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Germe di Grano: ingrediente naturale Triko Ok Donna

Wheat Germ: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Women

The Wheat Germ is very rich in essential properties for our physical balance. The multiform properties of vitamin E, possessed in abundant measure in wheat germ, have long been known.
Working at the level of microcapillaries, decrease the use of oxygen of more than 30%, by intervening in this way in favor of the respiratory tract.

It is an important natural antioxidant, operates to the disadvantage of free radicals that are the major cause of skin aging. Promotes cell regeneration of the skin and hair, making it more beautiful and elastic. Strengthens hair and nails. It is a remarkable adjunct during periods of intense work, stress, mental and physical fatigue. Tending to stabilize at venous and arterial tissues, provides to the same good elasticity. It is therefore a valuable aid to decrease problems procured by smoking. Protects the normal functioning of the intestines. Lowers the value of cholesterol in the blood.

The wheat germ is a natural product whose assumption, for its many beneficial effects is suggested to all and especially for sportsmen, even the elderly and children can take advantage of its beneficial effects.
Vitamin E contained in the wheat germ increases tissue oxygenation and muscle tone, operating at the level of microcapillary. Helps the expulsion of lactic acid.

The wheat germ is particularly important dispenser of vitamins and easy to assimilate and it is therefore important for metabolism lazy and details like those of elderly people.
Assists healthy growth and balanced bringing vitamins needed for development. It is known that a vegetarian diet is lacking in vitamin B12 and iron. We suggest taking a tablespoon of wheat germ per day. In it there are these substances in large quantities.