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Millet: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Women

Millet is a cereal which include lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals that are necessary components for the health of the hair follicle and thus for the hair growth. The seed of millet is lacking of gluten but greatly provided with starch and is one of the foods with more minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon. Given its salicylic acid content, is rated as a real beauty product.

It carries out an activity neurotonic on the hair on skin and nails. Includes vitamins of groups A and B, not fattening and warms to a lesser extent that the oats. It is easily digested and its content in lecithin and choline designates it as suitable for those who practice study, to the debilitated bodies and the pregnant women.

Millet is rarely used in our nutrition and is instead assessed as staple food for many Asian populations where women have long and abundant hairstyles.
Millet contains, in fact, all those nutrients (cysteine, methioni-
ne, minerals including silicon, copper, zinc, and vitamins) that help in having an elastic skin and hair, eyelashes and nails strong. Specifically silicon helps the renewal of the hair and is accredited as a real restructuring for the beauty of skin, hair, nails and teeth enamel.