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When the male hair appear brittle and sparse, it is good to take care of their well-being already starting with the shampoo which, as in the case of that of Naturdieta line, is rich in its targeted ingredients of a true adjuvant cosmetic treatment in the prevention of the fall of the hair.
In the first place a good cleansing of the scalp and the hair shaft, removing sebum and impurities, of course, helps the vitality of hair: recognized in the assets of this formulation  works very well the Serenoa extract that counteracts thinning of the hair.
Th other natural extracts play an important antioxidant action in order to give back energy and shine to the hair. Then there are the precious trace elements that bring the benefits of their protective activity and antistress. The Shampoo fragrance is enriched with several high-quality essential oils, which give an immediate feeling of positivity.
TrikoOK Shampoo stops strongly accessibility of testosterone to the hair follicle, the primary reason of androgenetic alopecia, hair loss and thinning. Minimizing the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), defuses all of baldness genes, allowing to the follicles  the normal production of healthy and strong hair.
• Step 1: Prevents to the testosterone to come into contact with the follicles, then stops hair fall
• Step 2: Disable the production of DHT that affects follicles deteriorating the hair, thus improves the volume and hair health
• Step 3: In the absence of DHT, the fall stops and the follicles back to be healthy. At this point it is favored the growth of new hair
To win the battle against dull hair and thin it is recommended to use TrikoOk strengthener shampoo. This treatment is created with a formula specially applied to prolong the life of the hair and make them stronger. To improve the scalp stimulating hair growth, this shampoo strengthener, practical and simple to use, it is the appropriate response.
TrikoOK Shampoo is based on an innovative formula, all-natural and without harmful substances to the skin. It has been extensively tested just to meet the needs of those afflicted by the problem of hair loss and who dream of improving their quality.
Hair follicles use a natural oily substance called sebum to grow healthy. However, excessive amounts of sebum can make difficult or even hinder the growth of healthy hair. TrikoOK Shampoo strengthener works by helping the scalp to eliminate the harmful sebum and maintaining the optimum balance between all the elements essential to the hair. These two actions combined give the hair an aspect thicker and stronger.
If you suffer from hair loss then you know well that this is not just an aesthetic issue, but it has a very important impact on self-esteem. It is good to remember that we must not surrender to hair loss: the disappointment of spending time and money on ineffective treatments could push to give up but TrikoOK strengthener shampoo will make definitely change your mind.
It is very simple to use and requires no effortwill be sufficient replace the shampoo that you usually use with TrikoOK shampoo to get started to solve the problem of hair loss. Being formulated with naturally occurring proteins, the same ones that are found naturally in hair, this treatment can improve the quality and health in a natural and simple way.