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Rosa Canina Fruit Extract

The Rosehip is very useful to treat brittle hair and scalp problems; It is able to help to improve the texture of hair making them healthy quickly and without side effects.
The Rosehip is particularly effective in strengthening the body's immune system and is a excellent source of vitamins, as it contains important amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition, the Dog Rose is a very good astringent, thanks to the presence of tannins , and it is also anti allergenic namely is useful in the prevention of respiratory allergies. In addition to being used in herbal medicine, the Rosehip is also used for the preparation of creams and beauty masks, thanks to its smoothing and toning action.
Its effectiveness anti-aging can also be used to repair hair damaged by sun, sea and aggressive treatments such as permanent colors, the plates. The Rosehip extract is known for its moisturizing and softening properties that help to hydrate the hair and skin and combat any dryness or dehydration.
The extract of rose hips also has property stimulating, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial that are beneficial to the hair and skin and making it useful as a general tonic for the scalp. The rose hips also nourishes the hair, leaving it shiny and silky. Continued use of rose hips can prevent dandruff, reduce hair loss and restore the natural moisture of the hair. Use rose hips may help strengthen the hair follicles that help in the fight against hair loss.
Rosehip helps nourish the scalp properly and also keep a check on hydration value. Rosehip is a great antioxidant against free radicals and helps to eliminate dead cells and harmful on the scalp. There are many environmental problems that are cause of hair loss and rosehip helps to fight against them.