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Panicun Miliaceum Seed Extract (Miglio)

Real cure for skin and hair. Rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts. But especially important to high in salicylic acid content, which confers to the extract regenerating properties. Ideal for strengthening nails and hair formulations such as nail polish, shampoo, lotions. The mile is by far the most valuable nutrient for hair. Its cuticle contains all the salts essential to their well-being. It is the most mineral-rich cereal, very useful to increase the strength of the hair. Among its components, there are phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, salicylic acid and vitamins of B group.

Millet is a cereal rich in substances that promote the growth and vitality of hair and that make them longer, shiny, strong and elastic: they are cystine, methionine, magnesium, vitamins and iron, the basic element of the trichology. It is recommended for use when the hair is weaker and easy to the fall but also as preventive care: millet, in fact, acts on the bulb by providing all the nutrients that serve to promote health. More the follicle will be reactivated, the greater the natural regrowth where hair are lost.

The Mile proteins contain sulfur amino acids, which promote the formation of keratin, a substance found in the skin and its annexes such as nails and hair, of which promotes vitality and beauty (and not coincidentally it is given to small birds to enhance the beauty of the plumage, which is rich in keratin). The molecule of keratin is structured as a spiral staircase, whose "steps" are made up of amino acids, among which particularly important are those sulphurised, such as cystine and L-cysteine, containing sulfur, a sulfur atom which reacts with another stabilizing the structure of keratin.

Also deficits not excessive in sulfur amino acids can cause brittle hairthat are weakened, they form the so-called "split ends" for longitudinal splitting of the structure, and can fall into excessive amount. it's possible assist of the canopy thinning, since the growth of new hair can not replace the hair that falls in abnormal amounts.

Millet also contains silicic acid, which provides the mineral silicon, very useful for the elasticity and vigor of all osteoarticular apparatus and for hair and nail strength. It allows the regroup of the cuticle scaly, because it acts directly on capillifera structure, strengthening it and keeping it vital. The millet-based products provide all the nutrients that serve to slow hair loss, stimulate their growth and make them more bushy, vigorous and resilient. Moreover they nourish the nails and skin.