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Humulus Lupulus Extract

Using the female flowers (cones) that contain resinous bitter principles, proteins and free amino acids, tannins. Used in the popular medicine for healing properties. In cosmetics are used extracts with eudermic activity, softening, moisturizing, stimulating epidermal turnover; They are inserted in products for the treatment of skin aging, such as functional ingredients useful in the treatment of the skin with loss of tone and in the stretch marks.

The cosmetology employment for topical administration is certainly a pillar of traditional medicine concerning the Hops and its applications. Usually used as a skin protector and antiulcer, the cosmetological use of hops was subsequently validated by different studies that have tried to clarify, from the molecular point of view, the effectiveness of this plant.

The important properties of the hops would therefore be attributable to the presence of antioxidants, valuable in protecting the collagen fibers from damage induced by oxygen free radicals, preserving the structure and function of connective tissue. The same antioxidants have proved valuable in protecting the fibroblasts and other cutaneous cellular elements from the cytotoxic action and transforming of UV rays and the various ROS.

In the presence of liposoluble elements able to structure the surface lipid film of the skin, protecting the same from both potential toxic elements that from dehydration;

In the presence of hormone-like factors, probably involved in the regulation of cellular activity and in particular of that of fibroblasts.

To the presence of immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory elements, useful in controlling the evolution of the inflammatory skin microenvironment, thus shielding it from potential damage linked to an overactivation of the immune system.

The 'Hops Extract, which contains a high percentage of protein and free amino acids, has hydrating, softening and stimulating cell turnover at the skin level. In dermatology is used the essential oil for dermatitis, rashes, rough skin. The ointments made from hops have an action anti-itching and lightly anesthetic. For its content in phyto hormonal substances, hops it is effective on hair growth by stimulating the metabolic functions of the superficial tissues of the scalp.

Hops also has phyto hormonal substances that are effective on hair growth by stimulating the metabolic functions of the superficial tissues of the scalp strengthens the roots and allows the hair to grow stronger and faster. It is recommended to those who have brittle hair and that break, in addition to those who has a crown that struggles to grow.

The high content of amino acids and the presence of phyto hormonal substances favor the metabolic activity of the scalp Cell with cutaneous regenerative effectsand stimulating the neo-formation of bulbs; this is particularly effective on hair growth. excellent anti oxidant and anti inflammatory action is ensured by the presence of flavonoids. In the glands of the Hops flowers are contained substances with astringent properties. The strong bactericidal activity recognized at Humolone and Luppolone emphasizes the disinfectant and preservative characteristics.

The active ingredients of hops contained in TrikoOk shampoo have a calming effect on the sebaceous glands, thus preventing the aggression of the hair follicles. In addition, the invigorating effect on the capillaries balances the metabolism of the hair roots. The skin pores are cleansed gently and action of the shampoo prevents polluting agents such as fine particles or high ozone levels, of damaging the hair.

Neutralizes the ph of the hair and of the scalp after washing. The active ingredients of hops penetrate the fibrous layer of the hair, restoring its natural shine. The dandruff layer is blocked and the hair regains its natural sheen from root to tip.

The agents contained in the fermenting hops bind to proteins in the fibrous layer, generating a protein elastic layer that makes to comb hair and strengthens them, if applied regularly.