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Betulla Alba Leaf Extract

Birch is known for its purifying and detoxifying effects. It can help strengthen the hair root and prevents the formation of dandruff. Birch is antiseptic and antibacterial and protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Especially its detoxifying properties, soothing and sebum normalizing of the Birch determine the choice of use in TrikoOK aimed in particular at activity rebalancing the skin and abnormal secretions. The rebalancing and purifying flavonoids contribute to the restoring of skin physiological states. The caffeic acid is an excellent natural antibiotic.

The direct purifying action is effective in the treatment of dermatitis, eczema, particularly impure and cellulite skins. Thanks to the quality normalizing sebum solves asphyxial waxy obstructions and has a calming effect on the furuncolosis.

The stimulating tonic activity (esters vit. PP, saponins) makes useful element in problems of alopecia. The detoxifying action, antiseptic and normalizing sebum indicates its use even in erythematous-desquamation conditions.

The birch extract is obtained from the leaves of Betula alba, plant belonging to the family Betulaceae. It is presented in the form of powder and is mainly constituted by flavonoids (hyperoside, quercetin and mircetin-3-galacto side) and, in smaller amounts, from tannins, ascorbic acid, phenol carboxylic acids, resins, terpene alcohols and essential oil. 

Shows excellent astringent, purifying, decongestant and anti-reddening properties thanks to its high content of flavonoids.

The extract of Betula alba is indicated for the formulation of emulsions, creams, serums for the treatment of oily and impure skins with acne tendency, and is particularly used in shampoos and lotions with a normalizing function to the scalp with problems of dandruff and hyperseborrhoea. By virtue of the soothing and calming properties is a useful ingredient for the preparation of products capable of alleviating the erythema typical of dermatitis.

The birch extract is indicated in products dedicated to the treatment of oily skin, asphyxial, impure with a tendency to acne and especially in shampoos and lotions to sebum-balancing action for hair and scalp with dandruff problems and hyperseborrhoea. Thanks to the high content of flavonoids with decongestant and anti-reddening action may also be useful in active preparations against irritations and the typical redness of skin dermatitis.

The White Birch promotes healthy look and shine, fights dandruff, reduces excess sebum and leaves the hairs shiny and elastic after being

washed. Its antiseptic properties make it particularly suitable for the treatment of acne and thanks to the action revitalizing can be employed for the treatment of greasy hair or greasy dandruff. The birch extract protects and moisturizes the hair, normalizes the production of sebum rebalances the scalp and maintains” cleaner" the hair longer.

Birch sap helps to stimulate microcirculation and metabolic functioning of the scalp favoring the regrowth of the hair.