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Wonderup is a only natural herbal supplement containing a variety of herbs known to promote breast firmness and contribute to its increase. Wonderup is a natural herbal product specifically developed for beauty and health of the breast, formula, complete with 15 different plants.Their effect on breast development is due to the high levels of phytoestrogens contained in them. Phytoestrogens are plant substances similar in structure to human hormones, but weaker, and make available to receptor cells the good estrogen in the mammary glands of the breast.

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  • Wonderup is an herbal supplement containing a multiplicity of exclusively natural herbs known that promote the tonicity of the breast and contribute to its increase. This treatment to increase the breast has already made satisfied thousands of women all over the world, helping them to refine the appearance of the body in a safe, natural and long manner lasting.

    Wonderup formula tablets is made up of natural ingredients and free of hazards, specifically studied to improve the attractiveness of the woman for firming and breast enlargement. The natural components of the product have phyto-estrogenic properties that stimulate the function of mammary glands, increasing the thin skin in the breast.

    With this procedure, the estrogen receptors in the breast are in condition attract toward the phytoestrogens present in the formula Wonderup favoring a spontaneous growth and a firming protected of the thin filaments of the breast.

    Improved results with Wonderup

      First month - In the first month of assumption the substances  in  Wonderup tablets begin to act and you can already see the first results on the breast in the form of a slight tension of the interested parties and even sexual desire will be better.

      Second month - You will get  more compact breast and  will be slightly larger. Although the evolution will not be too much, you will begin to perceive what it means to have a better silhouette and a more harmonious breast

     Third month - This is the month in which, thanks to Wonderup,you will identify the most appropriate and the most importants effects. The breast will grow in a major way and you will get a great tone

     Fourth month - This is the month in which the growth of breast consolidate. The forms of the  breast acquires a more precise form. This is called consolidation and is of critical importance in order to maintain the results obtained

      Fifth month - Many customers ask us what would happen if they continues to take Wonderup in addition to the recommended times. Are many the customers who have indicated that they continued to take the product more than the four months of

     normal program simply because it makes them feel good, through a positive impact on mood and sexual desire as well as on the skin and hair.

    The natural ingredients of Wonderup have been traditionally used for beauty and breast enhancement in many cultures and to stimulate the milk production in pregnant women. Their effect on the development of the breast is due to high levels of phytoestrogens contained in them. Phytoestrogens are plant substances similar in structure to human hormones but weaker

    and  available to the good of estrogen receptor cells in the mammary glands of the breast, thus promoting its natural process of growth and adding volume and fullness to the bust.

    As the receptor cells in the breast naturally attract the estrogens into the body, supplying to the body the good estrogen from plants stops the reception of bad estrogen from chemicals. It thus protects the breast tissue and it promotes the growth of healthy tissue, which is further protected by the antioxidant agents contained in the natural product for breast enhancement "Wonderup".