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There are two main actions induced by Lipodream: Lipolytic nutritional cleansing to prevent the cause of cellulite, Toning action to act against the dermatological cause.The unique formulation of active ingredients in Lipodream acts with procedure aimed at alimentary and epithelial function in order to fight the imperfections generated by cellulite.The synergy of active ingredients in the formula of Lipodream makes the product suitable for multiple causes that are the basis of cellulite.


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Lipodream is aimed at every woman who wants to tackle cellulite and its imperfections.

The tablets anticellulite Lipodream are a natural supplement, duly notified, which will help you get your skin healthy and elastic. Repair tissue damaged by toxins introduced with the diet and produced by the body as a defense to stress.

The exclusive formula of Lipodream is bio-compatible and is able therefore to overcome the barriers of the intestine and get into the bloodstream and go up in the deeper layers of the dermis.

 Decreases the formation to "orange peel" keeping the skin smooth and more vital. In particular:

Firming function: Gotu Kola + Red Vine + Rose Hips, for invigorate the epithelial structure through the production of collagen (the Collagen is the most important structural protein induced by the body) and elastin (which is a protein component of the connective tissue that is flexible and allows to many tissues body of renew their conformation of origin).

Draining function: Papaya + Pineapple + Ginkgo to drain effectively and decrease he installations of fatty tissue .

The exclusive formulation of active ingredients that work with Lipodream process  are aimed at the food and to epithelial function in order to fight the imperfections generated by cellulite.

Unlike other anti cellulite supplements that act only acting on the fat, Lipodream Naturdieta researchers have formulated a unique blend of active ingredients that work on the different structures of cellulite, even the most difficult to solve, in order to help break down fats and regenerate levels of the dermis, even the most hidden.

Finally, the product that you have always dreamed and that will fulfill your desire to have a skin silky smooth and cellulitis free. His name is Lipodream. The tablets Lipodream help to achieve a healthy and elastic skin.

 Lipodream is a nutraceutical consisting of: Fucus, pineapple, blueberry, Rose Hips, Centella, Melilotus, Red Vine, Ginkgo Biloba, Papaya.