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E > Micra is a natural product for the symptomatic treatment suitable for joint pain related to headaches, migraines, rheumatism, joint, cervical, sinusitis, toothache.
E > Micra is a dietary supplement used to correct metabolic imbalances nutritional responsible for the crisis of headache and counteract the excessive mental fatigue states, using a nutraceutical approach.

The synergistic action of selected plant extracts such as feverfew and willow in it and always known for their strong analgesic properties, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, is particularly effective in providing quick relief to the unpleasant symptoms of migraine headaches, muscle aches, menstrual and joints. It offers a comprehensive help and shown in the best way to deal with even the most difficult days, supporting the body’s natural well-being.

E > Micra has a positive effect on physiological activities from which it may depend on the vascular metabolism of the head supporting the correct and adaptogenic functions soothing, protective painful conditions. Disable the chronicity of the headache in predisposed subjects.

E > Micra is a natural dietary supplement composed of herbs. E > Micra is not a synthesis product and does not contain any chemical substance or additive. There were no side effects in healthy individuals. The assumption of E > Micra is a safe choice. E > Micra is scientifically tested and produced in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, as it is regularly notified to the competent authority. It is not a drug and not addictive.


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  • E> Micra helps prevent migraines or attenuates the intensity, course, and the cyclical nature of the attacks. E> Micra procures specific nutrients to the body which are insufficient in people predisposed to migraines. It is a good dietary supplement to improve the nutritional metabolic instability responsible for the crisis of headache and prevent excessive mental fatigue states, using a nutraceutical approach.

     The synergic action of selected plant extracts (Feverfew, White Willow, Rhodiola, Bogbean, Caffeine Anhydrous, Spirea and Devil's Claw), minerals and vitamins, gives a complete and valid aid to cope in the best way to even

    more days tiring, supporting the natural wellbeing.

     E> Micra property

     We have summarized the beneficial properties of E> Micra in this short list:

     ■ analgesic action

      ■ Promotes brain microcirculation

      ■ Reduces the noise associated with the menstrual cycle

      ■ Implements soothing action in cases of tension-type headache by reducing the pain it caused