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Kalospeed is a dietary supplement made from herbal components selected and calibrated in order to Help the weight loss associated with a balanced diet,bio regulate the assimilation of sugars  and help subjects suffering from disorders of glucose metabolism in association with a balanced diet.Kalospeed brings the following benefits:reduce caloric intake, increases calorie consumption,blocks the synthesis of lipids and increases their catabolism,reduces the feeling of hunger,hypoglycemic type ILA: Insulin-like-activity.


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  • Kalospeed is a dietary supplement composed of two packs (N. 1 and N. 2) from 100 tablets each, specially formulated by "Naturdieta" researchers as an adjuvant to theweight loss diets.

    Kalospeed is a natural dietary supplement made from herbs. It is not a synthetic product and does not contain any chemical substance or additive. There were no side effects in healthy individuals. The assumption of Kalospeed is a safe choice. Kalospeed is scientifically tested and produced in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, as it is regularly notified to the competent authorities. It is not a drug and is not addictive.

    Kalospeed provides the following benefits:

     Reduces caloric intake

     Increases caloric consumption

     Blocks the synthesis of lipids and increases their catabolism (demolition of substances introduced into the body for food production)

     Reduces the sense of hunger

     Hypoglycemic ILA type : Insuline-like-activity.

    It is supposed that some natural components, similarly to the oral antidiabetics (sulphonylurate), regulate the endogenous production of insulin by the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas.

    Some people might wonder why Kalospeed is proposed in two packages. The answer to this question lies in the fact that, to date, the only possibility that we have to interact with our body as regards the possibility to stimulate the weight loss are those of intervening

      on the thermogenic and  glucidic process . For this reason, in order to offer its customers the opportunity to benefit of two real  possibility that the human metabolism offers in the field of weight control, the Naturdieta experts have formulated two phytochemicals

    that act synergistically and stimulate the metabolism to burn more energy  and to forfeit less carbs. For these reasons we have created Kalospeed 1 and 2.

    What we propose is an innovative natural product effective for you to lose weight in a natural way, specifically studied and calibrated in order to make you lose weight with controlled and sustained activity without changing your eating habits.

    Kalospeed 1 is glucomanno supplement 50 mg., Bitter orange peel 35 mg., Rosehip 35 mg. Leaves of Orthosiphon 35 mg., Lemon peel 35 mg., White Willow Bark 35 mg., Ginkgo leaves 35 mg., guarana seed 35 mg., Siberian ginseng root 35 mg., chitosan powder 35 mg., 35 mg green tea leaves., peel  fruit of garcinia 5 mg. These substances help to speed up the metabolism and thus, through the thermogenic action stimulates lipolysis (fat utilization for energy purposes).

     Kalospeed 2 is a supplement of 52 mg dandelion. Leaves of bilberry 52 mg., Orris root 52 mg., Walnut leaves 52 mg., Juniper berries 52 mg., Seeds yambul 40 mg., Root bark of thorny poterium 40 mg. These substances restrict the intake of sugars  reducing calories.