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Siberian Ginseng: natural ingredient of Robur

The Eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus senticosus Maxim) is a plant that belongs to the same family as Ginseng. The shrub belongs to the family Araliaceae such as Ginseng and ivy, very widespread in northern China, Siberia and Mongolia.
The beneficial effects of Eleutherococcus were discovered by Lapps in Finland and Russia. They observed that the reindeer that fed in the autumn passed the winter better than those who do not eat.

Its antistress, adaptogenic properties have been tested in double-blind trial of various groups of athletes. The results demonstrate that the euterococco, during muscular exercise decreases the heart rate and improves the ability to pick up oxygen from the environment.

Much studied in Russia and widely administered to the elderly to delay the effects of aging, eleutherococcus increases stress resistance, and it is absolutely devoid of toxicity.
Its pharmacological effect is attributable to various ginseno-
sides and eleutherosides content in it.

The Eleutherococcus contains active ingredients of ginseng in even greater amount of ginseng itself. The active principles adaptogens (eleutherosides A, B, B1, C, D / E), a kind of glycoside and oleanolglicosidi (eleutherosides I, K, L, M) that reduce stress, soothe depression (along with to the angelic), increase the physical and mental performance without disturbing sleep.

The Siberian ginseng is useful to combat depression nervous, arterial hypotension, convalescence, stress, physical and mental health. Excellent for students in mental focus, in fatigue, in amnesia, wellness, difficulty concentrating, convalescence, heart failure, stimulation of the heart, weak circulation, depression, emotion, exhaustion, fortifying, frigidity, healing, impotence, metabolism (stimulant), lack of oxygen, increased productivity, health recovery, spasmofilie, sexual exhaustion, fatigue in general (including children), stress...

The Eleutherococcus belongs to the category of adaptogens and is able to optimize the secretion of hormones. Taken regularly, eleutherococcus, which is also considered an elixir of long life that can stimulate sexual appetite, strengthen the immune system and balance the energy. In Robur are used in the roots.

Contains eleutherosides (0.6-0.9%, chemically complex compounds), coumarins, lignans, caffeic acid, aldehyde ciniferilica, beta-sitosterol, polysaccharides, simple sugars, vitamins, carotene, pectin (gingsen and eleutrerococco) are adaptogens that is harmless drugs that do not develop a specific action but enhance the body's resistance and normalize pathological situations.