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Rose Hip: natural ingredient of Robur

Part of the plant used

The part of the plant used of the rose hip (Rosa canina L.) is the pseudo fruit with fruit (cinorrodonto).

Active ingredients and minimum contents FU
  • Pseudo fruit: l-ascorbic acid (from a minimum of 0.3, 1, 7%), pectin (15%), sugar (12%), tannins (2%), organic acids (citric, malic), carotenoids, flavonoids.
  • Fruit: tocopherol (0.6%), protein (10%). In the oil extracted from the fruits there are several polyunsaturated fatty acids (8-10%).
Conduct drug and medicinal properties

Anti-inflammatory activity and integrative of vitamin C. The rose hip is able to develop a preventive activity on vasomotor headache and is used in the prevention and treatment of febrile states, cold diseases, infectious diseases, and to enhance the immune system in the event of exhaustion.

Vitamin C and other antioxidant substances such as flavonoids and carotenoids present in the phytocomplex, can help in cases of increased oxidative activity due to stress, smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, to an insufficient consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and to strengthen the redox systems.

The anti-inflammatory activity of the active ingredients of the Rosehip is related to the presence of the vitamin factor P formed by the flavonoids and vitamin C and is very important for the activity as capillary-protective, supporting the regeneration of the vascular endothelium, restricts the permeability . For this reason, the drug then finds use in disorders of the microcirculation as the gingival bleeding and cellulite.

Rose Hip: natural ingredient of RoburVitamin C is frequently destroyed by the high temperature and then, in order to obtain the maximum yield is preferable to the use of therapeutic preparations which have not undergone treatment with high temperatures as in Robur.

The vitamin C in rose hips used for the formulation of Robur acts synergistically with other vitamins, facilitating the assimilation of minerals and in particular iron.
The most valuable portion of the plant is represented by the "fruit". The total concentration of the active principle of Robur is acquired from rose hips fruit through cold extraction in order to avoid the deterioration of vitamins contained therein that are thermolabile.