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How does the natural product Reductup Women

The breast does not contain muscle fibers but is composed of fat and connective tissue with significant glandular component.
Its appearance and texture are due, in addition to the mass of the aforementioned fabrics that define features and dimensions, mainly to the flexibility of the epidermis covering it. Most are young and flexible fabrics and dermis, most prosperous and beautiful are the breasts.
Below the breast are the pectoral muscle tissues (large and small) that represent its bearing follower on the side.

Volume of breast

The volume of the breast is characterized by two aspects. What genetic specifies the amount of connective tissue and glandular tissue present in the breast, as well as the propensity to accumulation of fat in this particular area of the body.

The other aspect is that dietary or food, clearly influencing the total amount of body fat, helps to increase or decrease the volume of the breasts enlarging or reducing the amount of fat they contain.

Action on two levels of Reductup Women

Reductup Women acts as an antagonist of adenosine limiting the inhibitory effect of this chemi-
cal mediator on the further release of norepinephrine and also limiting the phosphodiesterase blocks the breakdown of cAMP in thermogenic tissue.
In this way is increased and maintained longer the amount of noradrenaline released after adrenergic stimulation.

Since lipolysis is mainly controlled by the system cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate - cyclic AMP or cAMP - is a metabolite of the cells due to the enzyme adenylate cyclase produced from ATP.

It is an important “second messenger” involved in the mechanisms of signal transduction inside living cells in response to various stimuli, such as those induced by hormones glucagon or adrenaline, which are not able to cross the cell membrane.
The phosphodiesterase have the ability to play a role of great interest in the control of lipid involvement of the adipose tissue, by regulating the degradation of cAMP same.

Reductup Women contains active antagonists of adenosine. Adenosine can regulate many physiological responses including lipolysis in fat cells.
Some of these natural active principles contained in Reductup Women have the ability to stimulate specific enzymes that allow a greater consumption of fat compared to diet and exercise alone.