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Green Coffee (Coffea arabica): seeds E.S. in Reductup Women titled to 10% chlorogenic acid

This plant, originating in Turkey, has emerged in the Western world until it became one of the most popular beverage. Originally, the coffee is green But to be as the beverage we all enjoy, it is subject to many modifications.
During the roasting process, an essential activity of the transformation of the coffee, the caffeine is partially removed, and many other species that it contains are degraded. In the herbal medicine sector, on the contrary, the green coffee is used in order to get maximum performance from its components and from their activities beneficial on the organism.

In particular, the green coffee encloses the xanthines (caffeine, theobromine, theophylline) which stimulate the central nervous system and the myocardium, enhancing the functions of muscles. Another recognized activity of thecoffee is to promote thermogenesis and transform the food into energy.
The green coffee enhances lipolysis, facilitates beta-oxidation and thus behaves like a melt-fat, facilitating weight loss. It can also promote diuresis, improving the blood supply to the kidneys. Has a protective action at the liver as demonstrated a Californian study.
These effects are mediated by caveol and cafestol, twoditerpenes present in the unsaponifiable fraction of the coffee fat.


As already happened for other plants, the current research ofherbal medicine have led to the identification of the coffee plant complex and the important qualities associated with it. It is very recently, the development of seed extracts of coffee with a specific profile of standardization that enhances the concentration of polyphenols and in particular of chlorogenic acid.

The chlorogenic acid is one of the most important polyphenolic compounds contained in the green coffee, which is lost, however, during the roasting process of the beans for obtaining the coffee powder to be consumed as a beverage. The chlorogenic acid is found mainly in the seeds but also in leaves and fruits.
Equipped with an important antioxidant activity, it lends itself to becoming one of the most innovative phytochemical. Preliminary studies on its pharmacokinetics in humans have shown that the absorption occurs in the intestine and mostly after hydrolysis to caffeic acid.


Chemically chlorogenic acid is the ester of caffeic acid. The most important discovery obtained is the possibility that chlorogenic acid has to act in the regulation of blood glucose levels for specific activity on the responses of hepatic gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis.
Pharmacological studies have documented that chlorogenic acid is an inhibitor of glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme that plays a key role in blood glucose homeostasis.

These results were supported by studies in vitro where it is pointed that, just thanks to such a mechanism of action,chlorogenic acid is able to reduce the hepatic glycogenolysis (the modification of glycogen to glucose in the liver) and glucose assets.
For this reason there is a decrease of blood glycemia and an increase in liver concentrations of glucose-6-phosphatase and glycogen. The result on the control of the sugars in the body is increased by a second mechanism: the inhibitionof their absorption. It is assumed that this occurs by a process of specific intervention and addressed to the cells of the intestinal mucosa, establishing a decrease in the transit of the sugars introduced with food.

Chlorogenic acid, such as standardized in Reductup Women, can accelerate the metabolism of sugar, lower theglycemic peak action on the absorption of carbohydratesfrom the diet and control the synthesis of lipids insulin-dependent. It should be noted that the chlorogenic acid, used topically, has a significant effect draining, very useful to prevent the accumulation of excess fluid characteristic of cellulite tissues.

The extracts of green coffee are potent antioxidants, which apply to prevent oxidative stress and aging and to which associates the ability to control sugar, were valid in pre-diabetic and weight loss. The Green Coffee is considered asafe plant.
The pharmacological and clinical studies available do not show harm, or significant side effects and no known specific contraindications, except for individual hypersensitivity. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.