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Orthosiphon: ingredient of Reductup Man

Orthosiphon (Orthosiphon stamineus): in Reductup Man leaves E.S. titled to 0,2% in sinensetin
Main constituents

The main constituents of the Orthosiphon are: flavones lipophilic (sinensetin), salts of potassium (3%), triterpenes, phytosterols (betasitosterolo).

Therapeutic use

Orthosiphon is indicated for therapeutic use in order to treat: renal disorders in general and prevention of kidney stone formation, chronic and recurrent inflammation of the renal pelvisof the bladder and kidneys, fluid retention and aid in the treatment of peripheral edematous states, in adipose and hypercholesterolemia.

Pharmacological activity

The Orthosiphon has been very important function as a medicinal plant for the Malaysian population. It is a plant native of South-East Asia and the island of Java, from which derives the name of Java Tea.
Widespread in Indonesia and in India since ancient times as a cure for the problems of the kidney and bladder, in Europe use only by the end of last century. Only recently the Orthosiphon has the attention of our herbal medicine for its diuretic properties that can increase the urinary excretion of nitrogen compounds and chlorides.

We must not also forget the outcome on stimulating bile production, which makes this plant a cleansing on the organism spread spectrum.

The leaves contain flavones polimetilati of lipophilic nature not yet fully identified, among which the most indicative and present to a greater extent is the sinensetin . For his conduct acquaretica, the orthosiphon has beneficial effects even towards kidney disease and especially in urinary tract infections caused by viruses and inflammatory and gravel. He also owned hypocholesterolemic properties.

The mechanism at the base of the diuretic properties is still under study but it was observed that, following the administration of Orthosiphon preparations, is granted an increase in the loss of liquid followed by an increase of the elimination of chlorides, sodium, and nitrogenous substances, including urea.

Have also been considered a variation of nitrogen. The hypo cholesterol action is believed to be attributable to an increase in the hepatic uptake of cholesterol and to an enhancement of peripheral catabolic pathways of cholesterol itself.
The Orthosiphon also contains significant and important amount of potassium salts: its diuretic characteristics are undoubtedly due to the synergistic action of the flavonoids and potassium salts which enhance that of the saponins, with the aim of becoming a valuable aid in the rebalancing salt-water.

Orthosiphon valuable qualities are attributable bacteriostatic and virostatic associated with the presence of rosmarinic acid derivatives, valid in the treatment of urinary infections. The Orthosiphon is optimally tolerated and does not present any toxicity at the doses indicated and no side effects. It is contraindicated in cases of cardiac and renal failure. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.