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Following you can read the questions and answers that we are asked more frequently associated with the product Poterium Spinosum for blood glucose control. If you have a doubt or you wont get a satisfactory answer on this page, please contact us at this email address: and one of our experts will be at your disposal to meet your every need. Alternatively you can also contact us on Skype (naturdieta1).

The hydroalcoholic extract "Poterium Spinosum" of Naturdieta is exclusively a natural herbal supplement containing a variety of active ingredients useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus with hypoglycaemic activity experimented for a long time.

How does it work?

The blood glucose lowering effect of Poterium spinosum is made possible thanks to the active substances present in the bark of the main root of the plant, which are able to stimulate the production of insulin by the pancreatic islets, unlike the oral antidiabetic drug (sulfonilurati) that lead to an improvement without heal the dysfunction.

Poterium Spinosum of Naturdieta is a safe product, certified and notified?

Poterium Spinosum of Naturdieta is a natural dietary supplement composed of herbs. Poterium Spinosum is not a synthetic product and does not contain any chemical substance or additive. There were no side effects after the intake recommended. The assumption of Poterium Spinosum is a safe choice. Poterium Spinosum is scientifically tested and manufactured in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, just as it is been duly notified to the competent authorities.

What are the major benefits that are found assuming Poterium Spinosum?

The role of Poterium Spinosum in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type II is certainly valid and free of side effects. The absence of toxicity makes the plant particularly suitable to patients that need of a prolonged stimulation of the endocrine component of the pancreas walls.

The Poterium Spinosum can be taken alone or integrated with traditional therapies, first of all insulin that remains the fundamental cornerstone and often irreplaceable in the forms of severe diabetes. It should be said that in severe cases where there is a microangiopathy (alteration of the ocular fundus, kidney or nervous system), treatment with Poterium Spinosum becomes a valuable and irreplaceable therapeutic aid.

How long should you wait before obtaining the results?

The suministración of the herbal remedy Poterium Spinosum has indicated in the four-month time a significant decrease in blood glucose values allowing the gradual but complete cessation of oral hypoglycemic drugs and daily reduction of insulin units.

At what age can assume and contraindications of Poterium Spinosum?

No they reported side effects, even if, as a precaution, it is not recommended intake during pregnancy, lactation and children under the age of 12. If you were to be under prescription, it might be useful seek advice from your doctor before assuming Poterium Spinosum in conjunction with other medicines.

What ingredients are used in Poterium Spinosum formula?

Poterium Spinosum is a dietary supplement in the form of hydro-alcoholic extract. Poterium Spinosum does not contain any synthetic component, or chemical additive. So far they have been isolated mainly catechins and ellagic tannins, hepta hydroxy flavans polymerized, an insulin-like substance, and triterpene glycosides such tormentoside and tormentillina. From the rind of the root has been isolated tormentic acid and its derivatives (esters glycosides) such as 23- hydroxy acid tormentic -28-0-beta-Dglucopiranoside, 23-hydroxy tormentic acid and acid tormentic -28-0-beta-D- gluco piranoside = rosamultina.

In the extracts of the dried bark they were isolated glucoside ester of 23-hydroxy tormentic and ester of tormentin glucoside acid. The root also contains traces of chromium. In the roots and bark of branches, tannins reach the concentration of 6%.

How many bottles of Poterium Spinosum I will need?

Each bottle of Poterium Spinosum contains 50 ml. The recommended dosage is 30 drops three times a day after main meals diluted in water. For best results, we recommend the purchase of 4 bottles for a dose from 3 to 6 months, depending on your needs.

What is the dosage?

Mild hyperglycemia: 20 drops in some water before the three main meals; Hyperglycemia average: 30 drops in some water before the three main meals; Severe hyperglycemia: 40 drops in some water before three main meals.

How long will I assume Poterium Spinosum?

It can assume Poterium Spinosum until you have not obtained the desired results. Many customers, although having achieved satisfactory results, have preferred to continue assuming Poterium Spinosum even after the assumption for three / four months up to six months, thus achieving the optimum results. The continuous assumption of the product does not make any kind of contraindication.

What expiration time has Poterium Spinosum?

The expiry date is printed on the package and is equal to 3 (three) years from date of manufacture.

How is the quality control of your products?

External feedback on the studies, toxicology and health laboratories shall be carried by the relevant departments in compliance with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health. Moreover external laboratories involved in the verification of the quality.

Criteria of judgment considered by Naturdieta - Wonderup S.a.g.l. in plant selection and in the enunciation of its products are:

Absence of bacterial load

Absence of heavy metals

Absence of aflatoxins

Without pesticides and chemical preservatives

Quantitative verification of the active ingredients

Examination on the interactions

Absence of radioactivity

Control over structural resistance.

How are they Made your products?

Specific details of the remedies that we have created are:

The functional effectiveness and confirmed

The modularity of the assimilation of internal essences to the formulation

The synergistic release of the different components

The synergistic activities between the different plants formulated

The non-toxicity

The privileged use of dry extract standardized.

The privacy will be respected? The package will be anonymous?

The privacy of our customers is one of our priorities. The order will be sent in envelopes or totally anonymous boxes and the delivery notes do not specify the nature of the content. We apply the International Rules with regard to privacy.

What guarantees do you provide?

Poterium Spinosum is proposed with a Total Money Back Guarantee. This will allow to ascertain the real value of the product and also establish the degree of satisfaction obtained. If the customer should not be satisfied for any reason, may communicate with our Customer Care Centre and will be given all the information to obtain the refund.

How much time will it take for delivery of my order?


We ship every day from Monday to Friday. All orders received during the morning are shipped the same day, when they arrived in the afternoon after 12 hours are shipped the next day. The shipments of our products are made using the express courier Bartolini. Delivery will take place at the address that you reported. The average time of delivery of goods is 3 working days. Right now the shipping costs are waived with regard to deliveries in Italy.