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Ruscus: natural ingredient of Mycream Women

The ruscus (Ruscus aculeatus), also known as “butcher’s broom”, is part of the lily family and is a shrub native to Mediterranean Europe and Africa. Its use as a folk remedy dates back to the Middle Ages for its diuretic properties.
The Council of Europe, for the use of plant extracts for cosmetic purposes, it includes the extracts of the root and rhizome as antiedemigen and vasoprotective.

A remarkable variety of active principles qualifies the plant: saponins (ruscogenine and neuroscogenine), flavonoids (tetracosanoic acid, crisofanic acid, sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol).
The ruscogenina showed considerable anti-inflammatory vasoprotective and vasoconstrictor. This action appears to be due to direct activation of the adrenergic receptor alpha-1 and alpha-2.

The increase of vascular tone produced by ruscogenins has been used particularly for the venous dysfunction and for the therapy of adiposity. Searches well elaborated and carried out double-blind,have exhibited evidence of positive change and significant events of the fat-induced creams, as Mycream for Man that contain extracts of Ruscus.