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Oryza Sativa: natural ingredient of Mycream Women

It is an extract of rice bran. The botanical name is Oryza sativa L., family Poaceae (Poaceae Grasses) and the parts used are oil chaff, husk and germ.
Gamma Oryzanol is a natural filter of UVA and is contained in the oil of the plant. It is derived from the rice and has the quality to filter the harmful effects of sunlight acting on the skin every day and not only when you are exposed to the tanning. Its activities are therefore useful not only in sunscreen products but also in cosmetics for the daily use.

Rice bran oil has been recently appreciated for its high content in unsaponifiable fraction, rich in natural tocopherols (vitamin E), tocotrienols and gamma-oryzanol.
The preservation of the natural features of the oil is ensured by a process of cold pressing.

Even cosmetics uses the beneficial qualities of rice and especially of its starch. The rice starch is derived from the seeds broken, treated in turn to obtain the flour. The starch possesses a remarkable therapeutic efficacy.

Starch is the essential component of rice seed that finely ground, has a pleasant cooling effect on the skin and decongestant. It is particularly suitable to prevent demon-
strations macerative in the inguinal folds of babies as keeps the skin dry and prevents redness. The rice bran oil, in turn, helps to maintain the suppleness of the skin.