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Guarana: ingredient of Mycream Women

The reducing action of this extract (also known as guarana Paullinia Cupana) is mainly due to the increase in rates of cyclic AMP, the main supplier of energy to the cell, resulting from inhibition of phosphodiesterase, which is the composed of protein that should delete it.
This establishes a more intense activity of thetriglyceride lipase enzyme , which is stimulated by cyclic AMP and that breaks the sediments of fat (lipolytic outcome). This activity leads to an increase in lipolysis, with real results on the reduction of deposits of fat in the subcutaneous layer.

This plant is then used in the care of mental fatigue, as an adjunct in the treatment slimming and to facilitate the removal of water by the kidneys.
The caffeine in guarana contained in moderate amounts, is a purine alkaloid devoid of calories but with multiple pharmacological activities.

In addition to a proven anti fat activity, it stimulates the central nervous system, myocardium, relaxes the bronchial muscles and increases diuresis.
Caffeine seeps into the skin very easily and works directly on the adipocytes. At this level, its behavior seems to be to increase the degradation of fats.

The lipolytic activity is caused by inhibition of fosodiestersasi and the subsequent increase in intracellular cyclic AMP, biochemical consequences influenced by the mutual influ-
ence of caffeine with the beta-adrenergic receptors.
This lipolytic outcome is able to reduce adiposity particularly when caffeine is pushed deep zones of the dermis wrapped in a molecular artificial film.