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Fucus: ingredient of Mycream Women

Fucus vesiculosus is a brown seaweed belonging to the family of Fucacee and located in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, on the shores of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.
The part used in phytotherapy is the thallus, which is rich in active ingredients such as iodine, the muco-polysacchari-
des (alginate, fucoidan and laminarin), polyphenols (phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins), esters, fucosterolo, fucoxanthin and minerals. In their entirety exert a high antioxidant activity and lipolytic.

The Alginates are, in addition, useful in gastritis, in gastro-oesophageal reflux and constipation. Iodine is the underlying layer thyroid, biochemical endocrine gland that regulates metabolism. With more available iodine, the thyroid speeds up the basal metabolic rate with a consequential cascade of events including a significant increase in fat metabolism.
A specific action of preparations made from fucus is useful to combat obesity and fat.

The anti fat cream containing fucus Mycream Donna is focused on drainage characteristics of the sulfur components, activation of microcirculation and activation of fibroblasts that make the skin much more subtle and supple.

The fucus is an alga rich in oligo elements, vitamins and elements that contribute to exert a metabolic detoxification and toning. Fucus is useful at the beginning of a cure as slimming, supporting thyroid function and promoting the metabolism, can be the input for the slimming feature.

Due to its abundance in iodine, Fucus has the ability to cause an increase in thyroid function and its use is particularly appropriate in the case of individuals who show modest signs of thyroid hypofunction (subject pale, chilly, weak) and water retention since due to the contribution of organic iodine, it can adjust the functionality.


Fucus: ingredient of Mycream Women

Increasing the concentration of iodide intrathyroidal, the synthesis of thyroid hormones may be accomplished with a balanced method and only with high dosages and prolon-
ged it may reveal signs of hyper-functionality of the gland.
The action of fucus is determined especially in larger premises as the adipose tissue such as hips, thighs, and then also breast.

For its mineral and organic iodine content, Fucus vesiculosus is usually used to stimulate the basal metabolic rate in the field of weight loss programs in obese or overweight, particularly if it is assumed a reduction in basal metabolism.
Iodine present in kelp is in inorganic form that combined with protein, is easily assimilated by the body and is concentrated in the thyroid gland, where it is included in the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. In turn, these stimulate the basal metabolic rate to soliciting the replacement and for this reason developing a slimming activity.

The mucilage (mucopolysaccharides) are endowed with immuno-modulating activity stimulating the modification of lymphocytes. The metabolites of sulfur compounds essenti-
ally operate as mucolytics, and in addition make a diuretic activity in synergy with polyphenolic compounds which together with the stimulation of the thyroid due to iodine highlighted an anti fat activities. The floroglucinoli and polyphenols have been shown to be endowed with a antibiotic power.