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Mycream Men: frequently asked questions

Below you can read the questions and the answers that we are asked most frequently concerning the product Mycream for Men for breast reduction. If you have a problem or you will not get a complete answer on this page, please contact us at email: and one of our experts will be at your disposal to fulfill your every request. Alternatively you can contact us on Skype (naturdieta1).

What is gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is the development of male breasts. The term derives from the Greek words “Gyne” meaning “woman” and “Mastos” means “breast”.

The Gynecomastia is common at many men? You do not have to worry about being the only ones to suffer, as approximately one third of men suffer from gynecomastia.

What is the cosmetic formula Mycream? Mycream cosmetic is a safe and natural procedure based to treat gynecomastia. Mycream is the first natural and safe cosmetic based on herbs that can significantly reduce male breasts. Mycream is rapidly becoming the new treatment for breast reduction chosen by many men.

How Mycream can reduce male breasts? Mycream helps dissolve excess tissue in the mammary glands of the breast. This based on herbs treatment has been developed by Naturdieta in order to reduce these cells in dimension and quantity. This unique formula helps the body to safely react to in excess adiposity, as it should be naturally.

After how much time Mycream will begin to see its effects reducing? Mycream, Cream Cosmetics for breast reduction, will begin working immediately. The first results usually begin to show up in the second or third week of starting. Our customers have reported rapid initial reduction after only three weeks of use Mycream. Most of the customers noted that after four months have been obtained optimum results.

The results are durable? Yes, the effects obtained after testing the Mycream Cosmethic method are both from a permanent reduction in the volume of firming. Better still to repeat the treatment of a pack of Mycream twice a year with the recall function.

How does the cosmetic product Mycream for Men for breast reduction? Mycream Man is a safe alternative for men who want to treat the problem of big breasts. It is a cosmetic formula that favors significant reductions in fat, skin and glandular tissue (subcutaneous fat) of the breast.

What do you propose the method Mycream for Man Breast Reduction? The cosmetic product Mycream for Man is in the form of natural-based cream. Promotes the reduction and firming the breast of the woman and man. It is the first natural base cosmetics in the world created to help men to improve the appearance of the breast. It is appreciated by those who have tried it as the most advantageous from the standpoint of quality and results.

How does the Mycream cosmetics for men method? The exclusive a natural base formula of Mycream for Men will result in a decrease of making forms also regain tonicity of the breast. Each element of the product has been scientifically evaluated with the aim of stimulating the reduction of the man breast skin, favoring however also strengthening.

How much is the quantity of Mycream for Man I will buy? In each case of Mycream there are 200 ml of cream. Constantly applying small quantities of product every day, the content should be sufficient for 45 days.

How does Mycream for Men? Mycream for Men acts having as target the skin, fat, glandular and subcutaneous adipose fat. The unique formula of Mycream for Men, developed under the direction of researchers in the dermo-cosmetic and nutraceutical field, promotes the dissolution of fat cells and facilitating the reduction of the size and real quantity of the breast quickly.

How do I use Mycream Men?

  • Use your left hand to massage the right pectoral and vice versa
  • Making a shower and clean the breast. Dry with soft towel
  • Apply a small quantity of Mycream for Men on left chest
  • Starting from the left breast, using the palm of your right hand to apply the cream in small quantity
  • Using your palm, massaging in a circular motion starting from the armpits until the cream is absorbed by the skin and then apply even a small amount of cream and massage again. Continue doing this until the cream is absorbed completely. Repeat the same operation on the other side.

Has Mycream for Men contraindications? To obtain the best results, you should always associate cosmetic treatment with a good massage, proper nutrition and constant exercise. Do not apply in hypertensive subjects, hyperthyroid patients. Do not use on sensitive skin and mucous membrane. The men who are pursuing particular therapies or suffering from chronic diseases, should consult their physician before use.