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  • Posology of natural product Mycream Men

    To obtain the best results, it is recommen-
    ded to associate at cosmetic treatment a good massage, proper nutrition and constant physical activity

    Do not apply in hypertensive subjects, hyperthyroid patients. Do not use on sensitive skin and mucous membranes. The men who are pursuing particular therapies or suffering from chronic diseases should consult their doctor before use

    How to use Mycream for Men
  • Use your left hand to massage the right pectoral and right hand to the left pectoral
  • Make a shower and clean the breast. Dry with soft towel
  • Apply a small amount of Mycream for Man on left chest
  • Starting from the left breast, using the palm of your right hand to apply the cream in small quantity
  • Using your palm, massage in circular movements starting from the armpits until the cream is absorbed by the skin and then apply even a small quantity of cream and massage again. Continue doing this until the cream is absorbed completely. Repeat the same operation on the other side.