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Ivy: natural ingredient of Mycream Men

Ivy (Hedera Helix) is a perennial climbing plant that is part of the Araliaceae family and is widespread in Europe. The active ingredients of the ivy are triterpenoid saponins (alpha, beta and gamma-ederina, ederacoside A and B), flavonoids (rutin, quercetin), phenolic acids (caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid), carotenoids and alphatocopherol.

Ivy, if used for external use, has anti-inflammatory characteristics, draining and anti-edema scientifically documented and this means that its extracts are one of the most important components of Mycream for Men.

In this limited use, the saponins are the active ingredients most valid especially as a vaso-protectors and as fortifying the extracellular matrix. In the case of pathogenic adipose saponins would limit the assiduous microhemorrhages the subcutaneous tissue and consequently the inflammatory manifestations caused by the catabolic results of the blood poured out.

The result would be provided by Consolidant non-competitive inhibition implemented by the saponins against hyaluronidase, an enzyme that degrades hyaluronic acid, the fundamental constituent of the extracellular formation.