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Centifolia Rose: ingredient of Mycream Men

The leaves of rose centifolia contain at high pectin, flavonoids and anthocyanins. It is also an active essential oil composed primarily of citronellol, geraniol, nerol, lina-
lool and farnesol, geranyl acetate, hexyl acetate, stearopteni, rosafurano, nerolossido, benzoic aldehyde, myrcene and eugenol.

Cosmetics usage

Widely used in high-level perfumery, essential oil of rose is a very precious substance, just think that to achieve 1 kg of essence of roses need about 5000.
During the filtration process of the essential oil, is obtained also the distilled water of rose that, for its balsamic qualities and anti-inflammatory, shares in the formulation of cosmeti-
cs for delicate scalp and frequently reddening of lotions and also for the cleaning of all the types of the dermis.

In addition to concentrates, from rose petals is derived a lyophilized dry extract rich in pectin, a polysaccharide content with remarkable moisturizing properties. For their unique chemical structure, these hetero polysaccharides have the ability to absorb substantial amounts of water, giving rise to gel fluids (hydrocolloids) that, coated on the epidermis, giving shape to a thin film but flexible and transparent with a pH isoepidermic, having the capacity to provide water to the stratum corneum and donating to the skin flexibility and hydration.

It is important to highlight that the water is withheld from pectins for stability of gelation and not for hygroscopicity, for which they have the possibility to supply the liquid to the stratum corneum of the epidermis without then resume when the temperature is high and lacking in humidity, or when exposed directly to the sun.
In the adverse climactic moments thin layer formed by the pectins dries externally giving form to a real shield hygrometric which continues to hydrate the epithelial surface, preventing the processes of dehydration.

Thanks to these properties, extracts of rose petals are used in the formulation of cosmetics for the eye contour, for dry, sensitive and easily reddened skin and for the treatment of children. The extracts of Rose are involved of the products composition pre and after-sun sun. The flowers of Rosa centifolia are present in a monograph of the Commission and German Ministry of Health must approve the use to treat mild irritation of the oral and pharyngeal membrane.