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Pantothenic Acid: natural ingredient of Mycolor

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, is involved in many vital activities of the organism. Facilitates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, stimulates the formation of corticosteroids, sex hormones and is essential for the use of other vitamins.
 It is also essential for cell renewal. Promotes the healing of wounds, sores and burns and the formation of antibodies.

Pantothenic acid prevents fatigue, combats the harmful effects of antibiotics and is effective in the treatment of dermatitis, erythema and alopecia.
Makes tasks more efficient bowel (particularly as a remedy for weakness postoperative enteral) and is used in plastic surgery.

Vitamin B5 is also called “anti-stress vitamin” and is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and adrenal glands.
Vitamin B5 is present in almost all foods both animals that plants. It is a water soluble vitamin that the body is not able to store and must therefore be taken daily.

The main consequences of poor nutrition of vitamin B5 are nausea, abdominal pain, headache, fatigue, tingling in the limbs, muscle twitching, conjunctivitis, susceptibility to respiratory infections. If the deficiency of vitamin B5 is prolonged in time, you will be exposed to the danger of contracting duodenal ulcer.

There may be a restricted intake of vitamin B5 in all those who are afflicted with intestinal malabsorption as in alcoholics and those who are recovering from a serio-
us illness or have undergone surgery. The sulfa drugs and caffeine reduce its effectiveness. No discernible adverse effects caused by an excess of vitamin B5.

Vitamin B5 is often referred to as “anti-stress vitamin”, a nickname that has won due to its importance for the proper functioning of the suprarenal capsules. These glands, small and triangular superimposed on the kidneys make enter directly into the blood certain hormones such as hydrocortisone, which assists us in recover from emergency situations, the adrenaline that allows us to respond more efficiently to the moments of alarm and emergency which are the first line of defense in opposition to bodily and emotional tensions.

Thanks to the activity of vitamin B5 we are in the conditions of defend ourselves, to take quick decisions, take control on the nervous tension and manage emotions.