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Horsetail: natural ingredient of Mycolor

The horsetail (Equisetum arvense) has astringent, healing, diuretic, haemostatic. Also possesses appreciable re-mineralizing propreties on the bones, cartilage, nails and hair.
It is used as a diuretic in diseases of viral and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract through increased irrigation urinary excretory.

The drug causes a particular water diuresis without changing the electrolyte balance. It may also apply in the case of post-traumatic edema and static. Externally it is used for executing ablutions packs or as an adjuvant against the wounds to heal difficult, eczema, infected wounds in the legs and feet.

Its activity is due to its remineralizing high content of silicon, which would facilitate an essential role in bone calcification, especially in the early stages of their formation and facilitate the composition of the callus after fractures. It is believed that the horsetail possesses a preventive conducted against atherosclerosis, because silicon is an element of preservation of the integrity of the arteries.

Silicon and other minerals stimulate the connective tissue and are particularly appropriate in facilitating the repair of cartilage in the joints . Horsetail also performs an action on the elasticity of tendons and blood vessel walls, making it an excellent product for those who practice sports.

The equisetum arvense contains flavonoids, saponosidi (equisetonina), alkaloids (nicotine) and in the most important measure of the silicates (silicon content in the form of silica). It is this active ingredient that gives the plant the opportunity to make a contribution in the process of bone calcification, because silicon has an essential task in facilitating the deposition of calcium.

The plant also has a diuretic effect produced by the flavonoids (isoquercitina, kaemferolo) favored by mineral ions. The horsetail also has hemostatic action that is given by the possibility that the same has in activating the apparatus of coagulation fibrino-plastic. The astringent effect on the genitourinary apparatus confirms the effectiveness in case of bleeding from cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis.

Arvense Horsetail is rich in silicon, especially in conformation of opaline. It represents about 10% of the dry plant and is essentially soluble, so absorbed from the intestine. This plant is also rich in other minerals.