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What Melatonin dose should I take?
It is advisable to take three tablets of 1 mg at any age. Melatonin does not have a pharmacological quantitative value but only serves to put to rest the pineal gland. It is recommended only to take two tablets in pathologies in which both indicated a greater intake of zinc and selenium. The excess of melatonin is eliminated during the night by the kidneys and is found in the urine.
When should I start taking Melatonin?
In all the conditions in which aspires to prevent diseases related to disorders of the biological clock (the pineal gland), and consequently those alterations of hormonal rhythms that are closely related to aging. Of course you should always take it in cases of symptoms or disorders that always precede the onset of the disease at any age.
There are harmful or dangerous side effects due to the intake of Melatonin?
No harmful side effects were reported in the 20 years during which millions of people have taken melatonin. A large number of scientific publications bear out the safety and benefits of melatonin outcomes.
What time should I take Melatonin?
In the evening at bedtime between 22 and 24. Under no circumstances, not even when you work at night, to change these times. Melatonin is not a sleeping pill, but only serves to keep the hormonal biological rhythms and synchronize the brain on biological rhythms day and night.
Why do we sometimes Melatonin does not sleep and have nocturnal awakenings, it is hard to fall asleep again?
It simply means that if they really need! In older people and in the multitude of people that makes use of sleeping pills, tranquilizers, relaxing, chemical tranquilizers also for several years, we have to wait weeks and sometimes months before that melatonin is able to resynchronize the brain to natural biological rhythms. It is therefore necessary to wait and continue to hire avoiding coffee and alcohol in the evening and sleeping in the dark. The regulators of hormonal rhythms centers should gradually return to normal.
It can be administered to women who are using oral contraceptives or to what, implements menopausal hormone replacement therapy?
In the case of menopausal women, the use of melatonin not only eliminate menopause symptoms but can even lead to the resumption of menstruation.
Given its action as stimulating factor of melatonin platelets it can be used in those disorders where there is a thrombocytopenia (cirrhosis, for example)?


In this case, the melatonin is absolutely essential. effectively stimulates the bone marrow and serves admirably to the generation of platelets.