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As acting the natural product Manplus Power

Manplus Power acting through to the high content of purine bases including slow-release caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, tannins, vegetable fats and saponins, which stimulate the hypothalamus, can be sprayed better corpora cavernosa male sex organ influencing also the production of adrenaline and inhibiting the enzyme itself which causes its degradation, so as to prolong the stimulating effects on the system and on the reproductive system.

Recent studies of food biochemistry conducted in the United States confirm the importance of food in sex, especially those foods that are rich in certain nutrients such as:

  • The amino acid arginine, which further increases the number of the spermatozoa
  • Vitamin E which has a strong regulatory function of hormonal fluxes
  • Zinc, fundamental for the growth and development of the sexual organs
  • Vitamin C helps the vitality and mobility of sperm.

Manplus Power is totally secure. The herbs that compose it have been used for centuries by man to fortify and invigorate the power and sexual desire. Now they were rediscovered by Naturdieta formulators and tested by modern research on herbs and foods that have beneficial action and are usually used in herbal medicine and deemed safe.