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Ginseng: A powerful natural aphrodisiac

Ginseng stimulates the desire and sexual function due to its anti-fatigue action, well known from the Oriental medicine and object recently of extensive pharmacological research. It is an adjuvant that promotes traditional resistance to stress, anxiety, depression and very useful to improve memory, reduce the difficulties of concentration, to combat the ravages of aging, the decrease in libido or lack of sexual desire in humans and sexual impotence, for intense athletic performance, work and sexual.

To the capacity to fight stress connects the possibility of ginseng to act on the resolution of several sexual problems like impotence, frigidity and lack of desire. A high level of stress, in fact, represents one of the main factors that negatively influence an happy sex life.

Anti asthenic and anti-fatigue, ginseng acts on the endocrine system and hormonal functions through to its ability to prevent and to alleviate the fatigue due to the presence of manganese, which is a powerful anti-fatigue. The ginseng is absolutely safe from the toxicological point of view and without side effects.

Used part in Manplus Power: the root

The used part of ginseng with for therapeutic purposes is its root. At the current state of research we know that in some diseases ginseng can improve the condition and the rate of polymerization due to its stimulating action. The active ingredients which value the ginseng are saponins (panaxani) and glycosides ginsenosides.
The researchers were able to identify 25 different ginsenosides isolates in ginseng root and also to illustrate various other active substances such as amino acids, essential oil panacena, panaxinolo, vitamins B1, B2, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, phytosterols, resin, silt, starches, enzymes and other minerals.

Ginseng is a tonic general physical and mental as procures the energy to face the fatigue and increases stamina. Ginseng has been conferred many other qualities as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant, hypoglycemic, immunostimulant, anti-platelet etc. As a tonic, reduces the aging process, regulates digestion, makes youngest restoring the skin elasticity and moisture. Among the 13 known varieties of ginseng, Panax Ginseng as that contained in Manplus Power is the most valued and often used as a dietary supplement.

The regular consumption of ginseng cooperate effectively in the safeguard of our organism preventing the development of a series of mechanisms that can occur from certain diseases or situations from daily stress and the fatigue such as increased blood pressure, diabetes, disturbances of stomach, loss of immune tolerance, behavioral disorders, anxiety and other nervous system diseases. Recurrent exposure to stressful conditions may affect the functioning of the endocrine glands in our body that produce several important hormones for the proper operation of vital processes.

The adrenal glands produce adrenaline which affects blood pressure, heart rate, transpiration and other nervous system activity, while external generate corticosteroids, androgens and mineral corticoids that regulate blood pressure and levels of salt and potassium in body.
The functioning of the endocrine glands is highly subject to stress and the physiological state that can determine an excessive secretion of stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenalin, dopamine and cortisol. An increased and excessive production of these hormones can lead to serious diseases or disorders in the functioning of other organs.