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Damiana: aphrodisiac plant

It was chosen for Power Manplus because it increases performance capacity, eases depression and promotes sexual desire. In fact, possesses aphrodisiac activity, which makes it useful in cases of male impotence and sexual impairment of psychological origin because the action of balancing mood, accompanies the stimulation of the spinal nerve centers that control the function of sexual organs.

Damiana has a specific antidepressant action and tonic-general stimulant that can be exploited in case of physical or mental overwork, fatigue, depression and stress conditions, and is therefore ideal to brighten up even sex drive and stamina male much also depends on these factors. Damiana was one of the most important plants for the Maya, who used it mainly for asthma, since the plant in their language is called “X misib kok” which means “to be sweeping away the asthma”. With Damiana, the asthma sufferer can regain its joy of life. In this context, it was found that the plants calming asthma are for the most part, both in man and in women, even aphrodisiac.

Damiana contains an essential oil containing cineole, pinene, various disinfectants, damianin, arbutin, tannin, and resin glycoside. These active ingredients are neurotonic, antispasmodic, tonic and diuretic. Despite what we found out about Damiana, we can say that we are only at the beginning of the search that will yield excellent results. The Damiana plant is currently one of the most carefully studied by the scientific research just for these numerous and important properties.