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The Cola Nut: a powerful natural aphrodisiac

The Cola Nut, the fruit of a tree native to the eastern coast of Africa, has aphrodisiac properties and is effective in case of fatigue and depression.

There are cases where even young and healthy people may have physical sudden failure, which, without being determined by specific problems affecting the general well in a serious love relationships. It is, mostly, of fatigue moments caused by overwork or overstraining physical abuse of one’s energies, not least sexual.

This is the case in which one can resort to energetic substances, among which the Cola acuminata, whose basic components are caffeine, Colatina, the tannin and theobromine. These active substances stimulate the nerves and are a tonic for the heart muscle.

It is interesting to note that the total dust of kola nut, the purine bases are attached to the flavonoids in the gut and are released slowly, thus resulting in a prolonged action and avoid the stimulating effects of caffeine that can be observed when taking the cola with the form of teas or extracts. For this reason, the tablet formulation is ideally suited to this ingredient.