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Cinnamon: Manplus Power ingredient

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume, bark (21 mg.)) applies to digestive activities, intestinal infections, gastric weakness, fatigue, spasmodic colitis, anemia, flu and as a tonic stimulant. Fights colds and sinusitis and is a natural antibiotic. It is also useful in syncope and impotence.

Cinnamon contains tannins, essential oil, eugenol (more than 50 aromatic compounds and terpenes), camphor. It has bactericidal activity, antifungal, anti-spasmodic. It also has many activities on the central nervous system and has been demonstrated that stimulate the respiratory system and is peripheral vasodilator and hypo tensor.

In pharmacology are exploited some active ingredients that make it suitable for use as antibacterial and antiviral, antifungal, and as a powerful stimulator of circulatory activity, and in all cardiac and respiratory colds and persistent urinary tract infections.

New studies have recognized the particularity of the Cinnamon also contribute to lower cholesterol and reduce noise due to hypertension.
The Cinnamon has always been studied as a drug by therapeutic features of great interest so much so that all medical texts has described this drug. The use of cinnamon added as an active ingredient in the formulation of Man Plus Power is important because it is a potent stimulator of peripheral microcirculation and as such prepares the body to better receive the other active ingredients.

In addition to the intervention of active ingredients that make it appropriate to use as an antibacterial and antiviral, as a potent antifungal activity and as a stimulator of circulation, cardiac and respiratory diseases in all the colds and chronic infections of the urinary tract, the Cinnamon is still considered a valuable aphrodisiac, able to win even impotence.

Cinnamon is useful in the presence of psycho-physical stress and convalescence. Recent studies have found that can reduce the amount of sugar in the blood of those suffering from type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides. The discovery was published in the journal “Diabetes Care”.

During the clinical studies described in this publication and conducted on the effect of food on diabetes, it was expected that diabetic patients who had been given the apple pie, which is one of the dishes enjoyed by Americans and that contains an ingredient to cinnamon, had a sudden rise in glucose, unlike its spice controlled him.

The polyphenols in cinnamon, which also determine an antioxidant action, also activate the insulin receptor and play synergistic activity in cells that deal with burn or metabolize glucose.

According to U.S. research, the cinnamon would also help to increase memory capacity and the level of concentration.
A German study indicate that the spice completely suppresses the bacteria of Escherichia coli that cause urinary tract infections and the fungus Candida albicans, responsible for vaginal infections.