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Lipodream: frequently asked questions

In this section we listed those that so far have been the questions (with answers) received more frequent on the product Lipodream. If you wish to posit new ones, we invite you to write us at Thanks for your cooperation.

Lipodream is suitable for a particular age group? The use of Lipodream is recommended for all women who live problem of cellulite and are in good physical condition and are not pregnant or lactating. The research carried out for the formulation of Lipodream were performed on women between 18 and 50 years.

Lipodream can only be used by women? Cellulite is a typically female dermal expression but do not see any type of contraindication to the use of the product also by males. The synergy of active ingredients in the formula of Lipodream makes the product suitable for multiple causes that are the basis of cellulite.

Lipodream make you lose weight? Lipodream is not a slimming product, but a nutraceutical that has the peculiarity of change for better the characteristics of the deep dermis and work on cellulite redrawing the figure.

How long should be used Lipodream? We recommend the use of Lipodream for 3 months at least. The first results can be seen after 15 days, but the feedback of effectiveness can be achieved after 3 months.

What distinguishes Lipodream by other anti-cellulite products? Unlike other anti-cellulite supplements that proceed only by acting on the fat, Lipodream Naturdieta researchers have formulated a unique blend of active ingredients that work on the different structures of cellulite, even the most difficult to solve, in order to help break down fats and reform the levels of the dermis, even the most hidden.

It is sufficient to feed with papaya, blueberry or pineapple to achieve the same results as Lipodream? Only a continuous daily intake of the active ingredients contained in these fruits would allow achieve these results. A non-diversified nutrition is not, however, indicated by nutritionists and it is not even practice against our eating habits. The remarkable natural instability in the concentrati-
on of these substances in foods is not able to ensure a contribution ascertained. In the context of a controlled supply, Lipodream provides a nutritional amount determined and repeated of active ingredients chosen for their usefulness to the skin.

Lipodream: frequently asked questions

Are there any contraindications to taking Lipodream? Dietary supplements of Lipodream are contraindicated if you are allergic to one or more components that appear in the list of ingredients. The products Naturdieta - Wonderup S.a.g.l. are intended as a complement to a varied diet to adults in good health who want to improve the quality of skin and hair. They are not recommended for women during pregnancy and during the lactation.

It is wrong to increase the daily dosage thinking of increasing the benefits data from the nutraceutical? It is misplaced because the doses of supplements Naturdieta - Wonderup S.a.g.l. are analyzed in a manner to achieve the greatest benefits without finding any possible unintended consequences. In case of overdose of Lipodre-
am not expected, it is recommended a normal test.

Using long had a anti-cellulite cream: why should I also use Lipodream? The anti-cellulite cosmetics act from the outside, Lipodream works from the deeper levels of the skin and is indicated on the different structures of cellulite, even the most important. The two products are, therefore, absolutely integrable order to a synergistic and specific action.