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Sweet Clover: natural ingredient of Lipodream

The main effect of sweet clover is on the lymphatic drainage and owes this property to the coumarin. The main therapeutic indications are, however, the venous circulation disorders such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins as well as leg ulcers and thrombophlebitis.

Also exerts a protective action against burns, when administered either before or immediately after the onset of the lesion. It has antispasmodic and sedative properties (given by coumarin contained in the plant), especially at the level of the central nervous system and visceral. Antiseptic in the urinary tract (property given from flavonoids).

The sweet clover is indicated in spasms in the kidney (pre calculi, cystitis etc.) With limited or wandering pains. In addition to the active ingredients mentioned, the plant also contains a glycoside (melilotico acid), tannins, essence, resin and starch.

The action on the epidermis
The sweet clover contains in itself the curarine (melilotina), which enjoy an anti-edematous action towards swelling of inflammatory nature. The bioflavonoids possess antioxidant and protectress conduct on the walls of capillaries. Coumarin, a substance found in sweet clover, has the ability to increase tissue oxygenation, thanks to the improvement of microcirculation and to stabilize the erythrocyte membrane