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Red Grapevine: natural ingredient of Lipodream

The red grapevine is one of the plants most known and exploited by man and its cultivation is lost in the mists of time. The active ingredients are made up of tannins, bioflavonoids, organic acids and vitamins.

Among the many activities of the vine, we remember those diuretic, depurative, dietetic, stimulants, anti-inflammatory, vasal protectors, contributing to its action against the imperfections of cellulite.
The vitamin P action of red wine due to antocianosidic pigments, increases the resistance of the blood vessels and decreases the permeability and in this way reduces swelling and tonifies veins and also for this reason is used in the problems of heavy legs, varicose veins couperose capillary fragility.

The action on the epidermis

The red screw contains essential fatty acids and unsaponifiables, suitable to provide to the dermis plasticity and softness.
Polyphenols of Vitis Vinifera exert a tonic action, supported also by a combination of active ingredients really effective. The red screw attack the imperfections of cellulite, whose appearance and aggravation are caused by changes in the microcirculation. The anthocyanosides have a protective value on microcirculation by reducing the permeability of capillaries and expanding the resistance.