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Papaya: natural ingredient of Lipodream

The slimming virtue of papaya leaves are due to papain, an enzyme that is able to degrade proteins into peptides: this plant is recommended in slimming treatments and above all to fight cellulite. The digestive enzyme papain also has an action that can be useful even in case of difficult digestion.

The action on the epidermis

The quality slimming of papaya leaves are to be attributed to papain, an enzyme that is in condition to degrade the proteins into peptides. This plant is therefore appropriate care in low-calorie and especially to deal with cellulite.

Papain is also equipped with a peptic enzymatic action, which may also be appropriate in coincidence of impaired digestion.
The Herbal interest is due to the presence of papain, which is an enzyme similar to pineapple bromelain with quality officinal.

Papain, if ingested on an empty stomach performs a draining and anti-inflammatory action. Best results are obtained in the treatment of retentions and in the fight against cellulite, when used in combination with pineapple, (as in the formulation of Lipodream), as it facilitates the release of fatty acids from fat cells.